Sunday, November 30, 2008

O' Christmas Tree, O' Christmas Tree...

Today was the annual Johnson trip to the tree farm to cut our Christmas tree... No we couldn't do this yesterday when there wasn't any snow.. and it wasn't cold.. NO we wait until today.. snow and cold and all..
This is Hannah and Pat right after we got out of the truck to look at the trees.. So many to look at.. Where or where do we start???

Off in the distance, after looking at tree after tree we see it... OUR tree...

Isn't she beautiful? Doesn't she have personality???

Does Hannah know just what we want??
She wanted us to know that this is the tree.. that it really does have personality! She didn't want us to go too far and loose the tree..
Hmmm... wonder if it will be too tall for the dining room??

Pat gets to work sawing the tree down...


Like I said... isn't she just beautiful?? WOW!!!

On another note... It's November 30th.. I have posted a card everyday this month! That was my goal. I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it. Now that November is over, and I have actually posted everyday... I don't know if I will post everyday with a new card or not. Thanks for all of you who posted a comment and kept me going..

One more thing... I know that the count down for Twilight is done.. but he is so cute and "HOT" (as Hannah puts it) that I am just keeping him there.. I might take him down at some point.. but for now.. I like looking at him...


It's Sunday....

OK, what can I say.. it's Sunday... needed a quick card.. OK, it's a 3x3 card with some of the papers.. but I love the colors!! HOW fun is it???
Today we are going to go cut down the Christmas tree.. Which should be loads of fun now that there is snow on the ground.. I am thinking of going a little smaller this year because of Sasha.. Not sure how she will do with the whole tree thing..
I promise to take the camera and post again later..

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Here you go... Saturday Card... It's from Lovely as a Tree set.. Kraft paper... Handsome Hunter.. white ink with some embossing.. There you go..
After driving 4 hours... we are home.. Sasha was sort of happy to see us.. but it seems that the family who was taking care of her.. spoiled her rotten... We still need to go get Grets... I am sure that she will be happy to see us too.. I think that 2 little boys might be too much for her!!
Have a great day!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

It's Friday.... Surprise!!

Surprise!! I know I didn't think that I could post.. but here I am..

This is a little wipe off board that I did.. I used an IKEA frame... and some rub on's from Sale-a-bration.. sooo.. anyway.. I thought that my BFF could use this as a secret Santa gift.. it's a surprise for her too.. shhhh!!!

enjoy Black Friday...


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Turkey Day....

AS Promised!! 2 cards today.. because I am not sure if I will be able to post something tomorrow or not.. and I am really trying to post a card a day.. so I hope that if I don't post tomorrow.. that this will still be OK...
The first card does say "give thanks" in the corner. I used a brayer on regular paper and 2 colors of ink.. It is stunning in person.. my pictures lately just haven't been doing the job...

And this card looks better in person too... it is actually chocolate chip paper and certainly celery.. Nothing too special..
We are headed down to Iowa.. to eat with my Sister in her new house today.. then we are headed to Marshalltown and will be staying in a hotel. Hannah is excited to be able to swim in the pool...
ON Friday... Hannah and I will be meeting my BFF Dawn to shop until we drop!! That and going to Messy Missy's!
Home on Saturday! Which I am sure will be a long time until we are able to see Gretel and Sasha Blu! I hope that Gretel survives the boys!! I am sure my friend that is watching her, will spoil her rotten!! She is looking forward to having a dog to walk... Gretel will surly be a great walker with her!!
Gobble Gobble!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wednesday.... Thanksgiving Eve 2008

I know.. I just wrote that it is Thanksgiving EVE... and yet.. I post another Christmas type card..
This is using Heartfelt Thanks to make the wreath. I used confetti white for the background paper layered on old olive... old olive and handsome hunter ink, and then rose red for the berries... New ribbon with a glue dot to adhere..
I sort of like this one.. I would love to make a ton of these.. but it's using the markers.. so it would take FOREVER!!
It's my last day of work this week.. so I guess that makes is like a Thursday for me.. Friday for most.. which is good.. It's been a long week.. and I know that I am really busy today.. And the doctor has a surgery this morning as well.. which makes it really busy for me.. because along with my stuff... I "get" to help him as well.. Lots of running around...
Tonight Hannah has clarinet lessons.. no Moscow Ballet tonight.. and we have to clean and pack.. for Iowa.. So it will be busy for us.. We also have to deliver Gretel to some friends who will be watching her for us this trip... They are also going to come in and check on Sasha Blu on Friday.. Not that I don' t think that she would be fine.. but 3 days is a long time not to have someone check.. I am sure that she will be totally loving to them because they will give her can food..
Tomorrow I will be posting 2 cards.. just to make up for the fact that I don't think I will be able to post on Friday... and I want to make sure I get all the cards in.. DRAT... I didn't think about that when I started this month... I am not sure if the hotel has wireless Internet access.. so I am covering my butt... If they do, I might just post a post... who knows...
Have a great Wednesday!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Christmas Birthday Cards....

Last night I got a call from my BFF, Dawn... She needs 2 birthday cards for Christmas Birthdays.. One for an adult, one for a 7 year old.. AND, can I have them done and bring them with me when I am down in Marshalltown for Thanksgiving... AND, gee, she would like a preview too!!!

So.. I worked my fingers to the bone and got them done last night.. The problem is that there is no natural light for pictures.. so the pictures aren't very good..

For the adult card.. I did a suspension card.. because I like these cards... They are fun.. Old Olive, Real Red, Black... Christmas colors.. check, birthday theme, check.. HOPE she likes it... check...

AND, then the 7 year old is a boy.. Karen knows that I don't have a ton of boy birthday stamp sets.. She knows this because every time she comes over to stamp birthday cards.. she comments on this.. Hey.. I have Hannah.. I don't do a lot of boy birthday cards.. I am trying to get better at it.. but looking at my stamp sets... I am not doing so well..
But I did come up with this.. It is from the retired set Penguin Pleasantries.. some Designer Paper from last year... Real Red and Old Olive again.. I "colored" some of the areas with Pearl Ex..

So there you go... 2 cards today..
Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, November 24, 2008

It's Monday...

OK, so it's not TECHNICALLY a card.. but it is sort of something.. It is actually a Peppermint Patty.. This was another project from Friday night. AND then I meant to take and give one to Karen on Saturday when I went to get my Boy Scout greenery. (OOPS.. I still have yours Karen...)
We had some change in plans for Thanksgiving. We usually stay with my in-laws.. but well.. we had to find a hotel and somewhere or someone to watch Gretel.. So yesterday was a LONG day of a lot of emails and phone calls. We did find a hotel, and they have a swimming pool, so Hannah will have something fun to do. Hannah and I will still do our big shopping with my BFF and her "Fairy" Godmother Dawn...
Sorry this is short today... After my long draining day yesterday, I am a bit tired and emotionally worn out.
It's a short week this week... YEAH!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


This is one of the cards that I did for my workshop on Friday night.. It was the HIT of the party. All were impressed on how easy it was to do the spotlight technique!
I used Lovely as a Tree with Chocolate Chip ink. Kraft, Chocolate Chip and Whisper White Paper.
Not much going on today yet... Will have to see what comes up. I did get my wrapping done last night with Hannah's help! I am sure that I will be cleaning and getting ready for the holiday trip down south...
Have a great Sunday...

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Movie Update

After seeing Twilight for the 2nd time with Hannah...(and Pat) I found that I liked it a little better the 2nd time. There was a lot of stuff that I missed the 1st time thru. Some of the lines that I missed were really good. I liked Robert Patterson a little better this time too. I came to understand that this was a movie, not suppose to be the book.. Sort of like Harry.. the movie is the movie.. the book is the book...
Hannah really liked the movie. She wants to read the book more now than before. Pat thought it was an OK movie too. Not too cheesy or anything.
Well off to wrap the Christmas presents...

Saturday Card

Here is your Saturday Card... I used the Pirouette Pink and Black card stock, Whisper White ink and pearl ex. Stamp set is Live like you mean it. I pop dotted the Celebrate.I used to use pearl ex all the time.. I am not sure why I don't use it much anymore.

My workshop seemed to go pretty well last night. My hostess had 6 people there, and I ended up doing 4 projects. 2 regular cards, a 3x3 card and a mint patty wreath.. which is way cute by the way. I will have to show you that tomorrow???

Today I am taking Hannah to see Twilight. She is pretty excited about it. I am not sure if it is to see the movie, or because it is just the 2 of us going??.. I am interested to hear what she thinks of the movie since she hasn't read the books herself.. only listened to me talk about them.

It is snowing here in Bloomington again.. I can only hope that it doesn't stick around. I do know that it is the end of November and snow is going to happen.. but still...

Have a great Saturday!

Friday, November 21, 2008

movie update

Well.. I have seen the movie... If you don't want to know.. stop here....

OK, well.. was it as good as the book??? NO... did they keep to the book??? Not really... It was ok. They did keep a really important line from the book.. I have to admit.. when Bella asks Edward how old he is, and he answers.. 17.. and then she asks how long he has been 17 and he answers.. a while.. which was good.. I thought that Kristen Stewart did a great job.. she was great.. Robert Patterson was ok, I still am not sold on him as Edward.. AND... Karen and I agreed.. the make-up artist should NEVER EVER work again!!! The person who played Rosalie wasn't who I would have picked.. she is suppose to be the most beautiful woman.. Nope... didn't see it.. and she has a big butt... Alice was perfect.. and you can't tell me that Forks WA has a high school that is that diverse!! NOPE... NO WAY NO HOW!!! And they didn't keep to the room sizes!!!
Now, if you take is just as a movie.. never ever read the book, you might really like it.. I guess they can't really do it justice in 2 hours..
Will it prompt people to go out and read the book now?? Don't think so..
I guess it was OK.. but just OK..
Now, that all being said... I am going to take Hannah to it tomorrow.. so I get to watch it all over again.. and see if I like it more or less the 2nd time around...
I just hope that the trailers before the movie are different.. OMG!!! What are they thinking???

Happy Twilight!! (OOPS, I mean Friday)

I really should have snuck in a Halloween vampire one today.. but you will have to settle for this little guy.. Isn't it cute?? EASY PEASY lemon squeezy!! He is actually a "Pick A Petal".. I was trying to decide what to do for tonight's workshop, and was thinking of showing all the different ways you can use pick a petal other than flowers.. and I remembered the mouse!! Well.. I had to do him.. I am sure that now that I have the set out.. you might see a bunch of different cards from this set..

So today Twilight opens (or actually already opened at 12:01)... Karen and I are going to the 10am movie and then to lunch after... it should be fun!! I guess that the reviewers have ripped the movie.. said it wasn't good.. I don't really put much credit into reviewers.. so I will have to see for myself...

In totally unrelated other news.... Hugh Jackman was named People's Sexist Man Alive... I agree with this years pick... (after all, my hubby Pat probably isn't on People's radar!!) They have had some great picks in the past.. and a few I scratch my head with.. but this year's pick.. yup.. I am there with ya..
Have a great Friday

Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's Thursday.... (or Friday Eve)

Another card to continue with my fall theme..
It's Thursday.. which is my Friday at work.. It's been a long week at work. I know that today will be a long day too.. Very busy.
Tomorrow my friend Karen and I are going to see Twilight and then out to lunch. I am really excited about that!
And then tomorrow night I have a workshop. Hannah gets to go with me and help... I didn't take her ONCE... One would have thought that I committed murder! So she is my little helper! It isn't a big workshop, but it fun.. ok, except for that one person!! Anyone who has been at a workshop or done a workshop KNOWS what I am talking about!!
Well, have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mid week...

Do you ever feel like it is a really LONG week?? Or that things are just not going like they should?? I am really glad that today is Wednesday... It has been a long week... I am not sure why it seems like that.. but lately, my work weeks seem to be really long. I do wonder how much that has to do with Sasha thinking that any where between 1:30 and 3:15 is a great time to come and wake me up... (I NOW totally understand what you were talking about Dawn)
OK, back to the fun stuff.. This is my Wednesday card.. it's another 3x6 card.. Riding Hood Red, Designer paper, and the tree from the Mr Twigster set.. A little glitter and dimensional here and there and you are done!
Well.. Hope you all have a great day.. see you tomorrow...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday Card... and some Christmas spirit...

Today I have for your viewing pleasure.. another card with the Happiness Always set.. This is just a really easy card.. with Kraft and Barely Banana.. It is actually really pretty.. Nothing special..

Yesterday I got an email.. titled REDNECK CHRISTMAS.. well.. I had to open it up. It was all pictures of this man putting together this "tree". Personally I think the man had WAY too much time on his hands.. and had drank A LOT of Mt Dew.. Because that is what this tree is.. All Mt Dew cans. I have to admit, he was pretty creative. He used some type of wire and attached each can to the wire, and he drilled a hole in a PVC pipe to put each wire into. Sort of like an artificial Christmas tree... So this is the finished tree, with lights, ready to be lit.. and...

HERE IT IS LIT!! I have to admit, it's pretty.. I wonder if the Pepsi Company will do anything special for this guy.. like pay for his dental bills for drinking all of that Mt Dew.. or a gym membership...

Well, have a great Tuesday..


Monday, November 17, 2008

It's Monday...

I am not sure if my title is.. IT'S MONDAY!!!!!! or it's monday.... either way.. Monday is here.. back to work for me and Pat.. back to school for Hannah...
I tried to get some fall cards in, as I noticed that I was doing a lot of Christmas cards.. While I realize that Christmas cards are ok, it is still fall out.. So I thought I might try some fally cards.. This little number is with Pumpkin Pie, Mellow Moss, Apricot Appeal, and Very Vanilla. I used the level 3 hostess set Happiness Always.. Which I finally put together..

And since I hadn't posted a picture of Sasha Blu lately, I thought I would show you that she is still watching that naughty red squirrel that we have. He is awful! AND MEAN!! I would love to let her at him, but, between you and me, I think the squirrel could take her...
Any who.. Have a good week..

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Card

Sorry for the late posting.. the Internet wouldn't let me on this morning..
Here is the Sunday card.. closed.. It's a Triangle Trifold card.. Nothing too fancy.. but I do like how it turned out...
This is the card open.. Again, nothing super special.. but I do like it!!!
Hannah is at a Master Class this morning with the cast from Wicked. She was pretty excited about being there. I am sure that they will work the girls hard. In a couple weeks, she has a Master Class with the cast from Grease! I am not sure what type of dance they will be doing. A little jazz or modern is my guess.. will have to wait and ask her.
Have a great day.. and thanks for looking

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Book update

I forgot to tell you about the latest book that I read. Now, I wouldn't get this book, but the author is actually Pat's parents neighbor. I got the book when we were home this summer.. I thought I should read it before going home for Thanksgiving.. After all, Pat's mom Rita lent it to me.. The book was predictable, and sort of hard to read..
Anyway.. here is the description of the book..
Catherine Grafton has returned to the home of her youth, once a beautiful manor house and farm in northern England. As she gazes on the disintegrating structures, she recalls the last time she saw her home--one filled with wealth, a life of ease and a loving but strict family? In the bright fall sunshine of 1641, just before her eighteenth birthday, Catherine saddled her horse Maudie for one last adventurous fling before becoming "the proper, responsible young woman" required by her father. Mystery, danger, intrigue and love all await Catherine at the end of her ride. Her destiny is sealed from the moment she rides out of the Grafton stables and arrives at the cottage of a Puritan family in the deep woods. A fateful accident from a dangerous thunderstorm in an unfamiliar forest, amnesia, death of a soldier, the family's involvement with Puritan exiles and a trip across northern England bring Catherine closer and closer to her destiny. During the journey, she comes face-to-face with the political and religious tidewaters of the reformation and her loyalty is increased as her newly-found friends help Puritan exiles. She is challenged to meet her destiny and begins to discover what is important to her--family, faith and love.

It's Saturday.. new card...

This card is a totally CASE!! I saw it on Splitcoast and fell in love with it!! I knew I had to try to make it.. Again.. I never thought that I would even use this set.. but here it is again! Kraft, red riding hood, always artichoke, whisper white.. It was suppose to have taffeta ribbon, but I just used paper...
I like the layout too.. I guess I can see other cards with this..
It's Saturday.. Not sure what our little family will be doing today. I have a ton of Christmas gifts that need to be wrapped. I have 2 gift cards to get and then we are done with the Iowa group. Pat and I are getting things for our niece and nephews only.. so it's only 3 people.. Then there is Dawn and Jeff.. being Hannah's godparents and all.. They tend to spoil her a bit.. and we return the favor by spoiling them a little.. I always use the excuse it is from Hannah.. Hey it's worked so far!!

Friday, November 14, 2008


It's Friday.. You know what that means?? Well, for one, I don't have to work.. Which is good.. it was a long week.. and for two.. another card.. ok, well, to be honest.. this is actually a project. This is a triangle box. I think that the directions for this came from splitcoast.. not positive.. It was suppose to be easier than what it was.
Dawn is doing a Secret Santa at her Bath and Body and asked me for some cards for her person.. I think that she will be getting this little box as well.. maybe some M&M put inside.
This isn't my card.. but was the inspiration for Tuesday's card.. I thought that I would show it to you, so you knew how I did.. or at least see what I was trying for.. I still want to rework my Tuesday card with some different colors.. I do like the idea..
Like I mentioned yesterday, Hannah and I were able to get our hair cut last night.. I knew that it had been awhile, but when Kathy told me that it had been 12 weeks, I about fainted!! 12 weeks!! NO WONDER!!!
Next Friday there is a lot going on.. for one.. Twilight opens. Karen and I are going to a show in the morning... NOT the 12:01 show, but a morning show and then out for lunch... to discuss what we liked and didn't like of the movie and compare it to the books. Then I have a workshop! Yup, I know.. I don't do many of them.. but this is my "for sure" workshop. Hannah will be going with me.. and I like to do 2 projects.. but the kicker is they have to WOW and not be too hard. (there is always that one person.. I know you all can relate!!) I am doing the Saturday Nov 1st snowflake card for sure.. but for the other one, will.. not sure yet.. And I am not sure how many to plan for. You see, I would love to show the suspension card.. but I KNOW this one lady just won't get it.. (part of the reason Hannah goes.. she ends up helping this person out A LOT).. I guess I will have to think about it.. BUT, if anyone out there has any suggestions.. feel free to let me know!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

It's Thursday!!!

I had another 6x6 piece of paper... so I thought I would show another 3x6 card with it. Again... I used stippling for this.. And all that know me... Know I LOVE penguins... So this was just quick... I also used the new scallop punch... Which for the record, I didn't get at first because I was really scared by it... Don't ask why... I don't know... It looked scary, and hard to use... But then at an upline meeting, we used it... and BAM!!! I loved it!! Had to have it!!
It's Finally Thursday... You know what that means??!! FRIDAY EVE!! (which is now my new thing to say.. thanks to Jeannie over at Dragonfly Journeys)... My last day at work... Which is good... It's been a long week at work... Even Hannah said it has been a long week at school.
Hannah and I are hopefully going to get our hair cut tonight! That is my hope! It's been way too long! Partly because of Hannah being in the Nutcracker Ballet... They have to have all of their hair back into a bun... So we sort of hold off getting it cut so that she can pull it back. The poor kid has a pith helmet of hair for the ballet performances! But even that being the case.. both of us really need our hair cut...
Well, everyone enjoy Friday eve!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's Wednesday.. new card...

OK, I admit it.. I really like this card!This picture really doesn't do it justice!!
I used the bouncing brayer technique on it! I wasn't sure about this stamp set.. Season of Simple Grace..when I got it.. I sort of got it because I thought I should get it when I did my open house for the new catty and the new mini.. I have a couple customers who this screams them!! So, really I thought I would end up selling this to them.. but then I saw this bouncing brayer.. and thought it was PERFECT for this set! You can't see it well but the star is stamped with Versa Mark and embossed with clear before the brayering.. (is that a word?) OH, and I stamped the image before brayering too!! I will tell you, it took me a couple times before I got this one down.. And the background paper is Elegant Eggplant, and the "spectrum" pad is Aurora from Brilliance.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tuesday Nov 11 card...

The idea for this card came from a card my Mom gave us for our Valentine's day a couple years ago.. I loved the idea, and hung onto the card.. So I did a self challenge to see if I could do some recreation. No I didn't take a picture of the card.. will have to do that and post that too.. just so you can see how I did.. Looking at it.. I do like it.. I think that I might not have used cream for background color.. and maybe not red.. OK, so I guess I am saying that I really don't even like this card as much as I thought I did.. I guess I will have to re-do it and see how it turns out with different colors.. But anyway.. the "flowers" are pirouette pink and riding hood red, and I used dimensionals on them.. Yup.. looking at it.. I will have to do some color changes.. hm...

Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday Card...

Well, I got Mr Twigster.. thought he was really cute.. HAD to have him... and yet.. I hadn't really played with him much.. (OK at all) so I thought I should get him out and give him a try.. so.. well.. I thought I would do a 6x3 card, since I don't do those much either. I used masking and stippling for this. Not sure.. it might still need something! (maybe a snowflake background??? or the tree that came with him as a background?? will have to play a little with it I guess) But it was an easy card to make.. which is a plus.. I think that I might make a 6x6 layout and a 3x3 as well..
It's Monday.. and I noticed by my count down that it's under 11 days until Twilight opens. I saw in the paper that a couple of the actors will be at MOA at Hot Topic to promote the film. I believe it said Jacob (Taylor Lautner), Laurent (Edi Gathegi) and Victoria (Rachelle Lafevre) I am betting that it will be a zoo there! Now I only tell you this because, even though I am TOTALLY an Edward fan.. the kid who plays Jacob is rather cute, and Karen would have picked Jacob..
And speaking on Twilight.. I am still not sure that Robert Patterson will be able to pull of Edward. He is suppose to be really dreamy.. I am not sure if I will be picturing Cedric Diggory.. and some of the pictures that show him, well.. NOT real flattering.. will have to wait and see.. I hope that they pull it off. The books were so good, I just hope that the movie is as good!
Everyone have a great week.. see you tomorrow with another card!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday Card...

For the Sunday card, a quick and easy one.. Circle punches, a brad and a strip of designer paper.. What more can you ask for???

Then there is Sasha.. She really enjoys looking out the window.. Of course there is a reason for her to look out that window.. Seems we have a little "monster" that hangs out there!!

This would be that monster.. I thought that it was a chipmunk.. but I have been informed that it is actually a red squirrel. AND it is a rotten squirrel.. He will come over to the window and I swear stick his tongue out at you.. Or he will climb up the screen.... One of these days I might just let Sasha out after him.. So far he has stolen stuff off the deck, taken walnuts that others have hidden, and chased off the grey squirrels in the area..

If anyone knows how to get rid of him, please let me know!!

Anyhoo... Have a great Sunday.. I think I might be taking a trip to IKEA a little later.. They have some little jars that I would like to have for the stamping stuff.. will see..


Saturday, November 8, 2008

Saturday Card

Well, another suspension card.. This one, I really like. Not that I didn't like the other one, but I love the color combo of this one. The handsome hunter and black, it is so rich looking.

I tried to get the "other" side of the middle piece.. it is the penguin.. but couldn't, so I just settled for this..

Not snowing here yet..
Hannah and I will be going to Let' Dish today.. so that is my fun..
Have a great Saturday!!


Friday, November 7, 2008

Let it snow...

This is what I woke up to this morning.. Granted, I did sleep in until 7am today, but still.. THIS IS NOT what I thought I would be looking at when I got up..
OK, to be honest.. I did get up at 4:03am to give Sasha some food, which by the way is STILL sitting in her bowl.. She really doesn't like anything but the pate type food..

So in honor of the snow.. This is Friday's card.. Not real thrilled with it.. I guess.. but it will do.. for a quick card.. I would have done 2 different size squares for the window next time.. but it works..
Have a great day...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thursday Card

Happy Friday Eve everyone.. That is what Jeannie calls Thursday!! I think it sounds fun!!
So here it is.. My Thursday card.. OK! I admit.. I cheated.. It's only a 3x3 card.. But.. still a card.
I used the Smackin' Acetate Technique for this one! Not too bad for my 1st attempt!! I will keep trying with this.. It was fun.. If I can get it down.. I might use it for my workshop later this month.. Who knows.. Will have to see how Hannah likes doing this as well.. Since she helps me at this workshop.. (if I don't take her, I get a lot of grief!)

And since it was "only" a 3x3 card, I thought I would do a Party Favor as well.. A lot easier than I thought it would be.. but I could still use some work with it.. There is nothing in mine.. but it is rather cute!


Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Well, I finished the book.. It was wonderful.. sad, happy, funny.. you name it.. A summer read.. Karen said that she like Elin Hilderbrand.. and I have to agree..
Well... off to start a new book....

Wednesday Card...

YUP.. you read it right.. ANOTHER card.. This one was really simple!!! You can't tell but I did paper pierce the scallops on the black. Not sure that I was thrilled with the LOVE... but I couldn't decide what else to put on the card.. so that was what I came up with..


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Well, I went, I voted, I took Hannah with me!! She turned in her "ballot" from school, she got a special sticker too!
After hearing of the long lines, I was really worried that I would be there for over an hour.. NOPE, when I got to my polling place, no lines.. They were steady, but no real long lines. I was told that my precinct has about 1700 eligible voters, and when I got there, they had about 1200-1300 voters so far.. between people coming in and the absentee voting.. SO, it sounds like we had a good turnout..
NOW, like Karen, I wait, and wait..
Hannah said at school they had an "election" in social studies.. that the kids voted in Obama..