Saturday, May 30, 2009

Star Trek...

OK.. I admit it.. I have been bitten by the whole Star Trek thing! Pat and I went to the movie today.. and well... I LOVED IT... OMG!!! And Chris Pine as J T Kirk.. he was HOT! Then there was Zachary Quinto who played Spock.. and he looked like a young Leonard Nemoy! They had all the charaters... Sulu, Scotty, McCoy, and Uhura! If you just see this movie and nothing else you understand it.. if you know everything about Star Trek you get it.. it was a perfect movie!!
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Dance recital.... Hannah style

So last night.. Hannah had her dance recital.. (thank god it is over!) She had 7 YES count them 7 dances this year! I was pretty impressed by her! I hadn't seen much of what she has been doing this year. I have seen (a really large number of times) her production number of New York, New York, and her tap number Dueling Divas. So I haven't seen her perform her ballet or pointe number... or jazz... or for that matter the whole Dad and Daughter thing... I was in shock!! I mean mouth drop open OMG shock when she did her pointe number!! I mean.. When did she learn how to dance like that?? And she was in an actual tu-tu!! so that was really cool too!
OK.. the Dad and Daughter number!! Can I tell you the crowd went wild?? The company dancer's Dad's were fabulous! OK, so Pat's group was the best.. they did a whole number with a military theme... One group did "Who let the dog's out", then there was "In the Navy"... and then Pat's group did "Danger Zone"... they had leather jackets dark glasses... very cool! I was yelling and clapping so hard.. my voice was almost gone!
Then after the dance recital.. the company girls went to Baker's Square... Which was a total blast! We had about 50 people there! That poor waitress!!
So since they don't allow pictures at the recital.. I don't have any pictures yet!! But they will be coming soon.. I promise!! I also have the DVD coming..
I am glad that we are done with dance for awhile.. at least the performances! I need a break!!
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Monday, May 25, 2009

What I have been reading...

OK, so I have been doing some reading! A lot of reading.. ok, not a lot.. but a little bit of reading...

Dawn gave me this book for my birthday.. OMG.. I cried.. It was good.. very easy.. just notes that were left of the refrigerator between a mom and daughter.. Good read!!

Then of course.. well, I needed to finish the latest series.. this was good. ok, a little muddled at the end. But all and all.. a good read.. will try to get Hannah to read all of the books..

Another book that Dawn lent me.. OMG.. this was so good.. so sweet.. so summer read.. I know most have probably already read it.. but if you haven't... like I said.. a good summer read...

And then there is Genesis.. Ms Willems, Hannah's reading teacher asked me to read this and let her know what I thought.. if it was appropriate for 6th graders..
well.. this was great! a lot like The Giver... but not.. a total surprise at the end.. a bit more than what a lot of the 6th graders could handle, but if you have one of those precocious kids.. well.. they might like it...

I have a couple more books to read.. and to tell you the truth.. it's been nice to get back to all the reading...

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Monday, May 18, 2009

May 18, 2009

Yup that is right.. I have a post.. I know I know.. it's been like forever.. What can I say...
Well I am posting today.. mainly because it is my birthday.. yup that is right.. the big 43 today! It doesn't bother me getting older. I know people might find that hard to believe, but really, I enjoy it. What is my other option?? OH, right.. death! So as I said, I don't mind it. Turning 40 wasn't a big deal, why should it be? And 43? Just another number.
I think that mainly, it doesn't bother me, because in my 43 years, I have found some wonderful friends! By best friend Dawn who I have known for years.... and my "newer" friends that I have here in MN... and my even newer friends that I found from blogging!(and if you are reading this.. that includes you...) So really I get to celebrate how fortunate I am.. how really lucky I have been.
Now.. that doesn't even include my super terrific hubby and daughter.. who in the last week, have had to celebrate Mother's Day... Which Hannah gave me the new Michael J Fox book, and Pat got me a shirt and jacket.. and we went to watch Hannah dance... and then Pat and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary on Wed, May 13.. Which Pat sent me flowers at work.. and got me Channel #5!! And finally on Saturday we got to go to Kincaid's for dinner!!
So, I wanted to say thanks to every one of my friends today.. being friends with you is my bestest gift to myself! And isn't that what life is really about?? Your friends and family.. and the love you get from them???
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