Sunday, June 29, 2008

New book to read

Well, I have started this book. One of the gals at work let me borrow it. My friend Michelle has a count down for the next book AND the upcoming movie on her blog, so she must really like them.
NOW, I know that they aren't going to be anything close to Harry Potter, so I really need to find something new... (I know sad as it is.. but I can't hold my breath hoping that JK will pen another Harry).
So, I have only read 3 chapters so far.
Will keep you posted.. Everyone who has read it and talked to me has said that it is AMAZING!

Friday, June 20, 2008


I am so lucky! I have some great friends! This wonderful card was sent to me from Michelle! Just what I needed to brighten up an awful day! Thanks Michelle!!

Also, on the same day, my BFF Dawn sent me a card as well. She didn't make her card, but I am showing you the card because I think it has great potential!! I think that this could be made.. and I think that I am going to have to try.. so keep watching!!

I am really glad that I have these wonderful ladies in my life! Thanks again!


My FAVORITE picture of Hannah

When Dawn was up for Hannah's "graduation" she snapped this picture before school. I just love the way Hannah looks in it. Something about wonder and excitement! I just think that Dawn captured her so well.. And come on.. what a cutie!!


Well, another book down.. I finished reading this last night.. I was told that the ending was not what you expect... I have to admit that it was a pretty good book.
But now, again, I am "bookless". I have been told that Three Cups Of Tea is good, so I might get that to read next.. unless anyone has any suggestions...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

This is the card that I made for Pat for Father's Day from Hannah. The little shirt was done by origami. Mandy showed Renet's group how to make them last year. A little old pattern paper, some Bordering Blue, Elegant Eggplant and some Barely Banana.. a quick fold here and one there.. and done!! The inside just had Happy Father's Day stamped on the Barely Banana layered on the Elegant Eggplant.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Baby Gift and Card

I have a good friend who is having a baby boy soon. This happens to be her 4th child (3rd boy). But the 1st with her "new" husband!
Needless to say, they are pretty happy. So I had my other friend Linda T make a quilt for the baby. She did an awesome job! The quilt is gorgeous!
I am going to have her make one for Hannah, but we picked out a different design. We are going soon to pick out fabric!

Now, I couldn't give a gift without a card.. so this is what I came up with.. Now many of you know that I am not really very good at "boy" cards.. but this one turned out rather cute!
I am meeting her for lunch tomorrow to give her the gift.. I can't wait to see her reaction!

What's happening in My life... (oh yeah.. that sounds familar)

OK, so Sunday night was the season premiere of Army Wives (Lifetime 9c). It is the 2nd season. I LOVE this show. When we went to Chicago last summer, we got into the show, and well, I am hooked! It is about 4 women and 1 man who are married to people in the Army, and how it effects them. It is heartwarming, funny, sad and everything in between!
So this was a very emotional show! There had been a bombing in the "Hump Bar", which is the hang out, at the end of last season. This took you through the aftermath. Some twists, but you could see where it was going. Still great show.. My Sunday night MUST!!

Then I finished this book! I think that I had started to read it before, but am still not sure! I know that I never finished it if I had started it. It was OK, sort of a bad ending.
But now I am "bookless". And to top it off, Hannah's clarinet lessons are not at Schmitt for the next 5 weeks! Which means that I am not right next to Barnes and Noble every week!

And I have been stamping a little too! This was a thank you for a customer who had placed an order with me for Stampin' Up. Quick and cute little 3x3! (She loved it by the way)

And this was a card, just to make a card.. Not sure who this will go to, if anyone at this time. But thought I would show you it anyway!!
Hannah and I also got our hair cut last night! I think it had been over 3 months for me, so it was WAY over due.. And Hannah's had been 2 months.. so she was a bit on the shaggy side too!
Well, as I said, just thought you would want to know what is happening...

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Early Father's Day for Pat

Well, Pat got his Father's Day gift yesterday. It was delivered about 3:30. So now he will be zooming around town on his motorcycle. It is a Honda Rebel 250. Black. Should be great for getting to work and back, and with gas prices the way that they are, well.. should save a little this summer!

Dawn needed a couple cards as thank yous. So I helped her make a couple. This is what we came up with. She was happy.. That's all that matters!
Have a great day.. Am going to try to get some more stamping in!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Last day of school...

Well Friday was Hannah's last day of Elementary school. I figure that since I didn't have the camera (because Pat had it) to take a first day of school picture, I would do the last day picture... So here she is.. The last day at Hillcrest Elementary...

The Army shirt was from Sam.. Who is pictured here with Hannah, Carla, and Megan.. This was her FAVORITE kid safari staff member.. He had given her the shirt and an Army bear! It was wonderful. Hannah was very touched.

Had to get a picture of her class.. So this was everyone!! OMG... Great group of kids! (most of the time!)

At the end of the day.. it is tradition that all the kids in the school line the hall, and do a clap off for the 5th graders. It is pretty awesome to see 400 kids and staff clapping for the 5th graders.. NOT to mention emotional!! I think all 5ht graders were were crying and a lot of the other people in the hallway! I tried to get a picture of Hannah, but all I got was the back of her head.. IMAGINE that...

When the kids leave the school, they are given a crane. It is a symbol of peace.. This is Hannah's

Just as any wonderful Fairy Godmother would.. Dawn was up for all of the excitement!! She was there for graduation to hold my hand and help me through the tears. She spent the day on Friday at school goofing around with Hannah and then to Grand Slam with all the 4th and 5th graders.. OK, she was sitting in the "party room" reading a book, but she was there, forcing cupcakes to the kids...

All things said... it was a pretty great day!!!


Thank You Cards

Well, Hannah needed a thank you card.. for a guy.. and made these two. They turned out nice. Just so you know.. Hannah used the one on the left.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Just a thought...

Powerful Women.......
Live your life in such a way that when your feet hit the floor in the morning, Satan shudders and says, "Oh shit ... she's awake!"

Hannah's Graduation!

Hannah had her 5th grade "graduation" today. Loads of tears later, and about 1/4 box of Kleenex... she was done...

All smiles.. this was the start of the ceremony...

Hannah and Kelly A lead the song "The Eagle Song", complete with sign language.
This is when they received their crane and "diploma". Each child gets their crane from their home base teacher. This is Hannah getting her crane and hug from Tracy.

This is Lynne, Hannah's advisor to her HAWKS job. (Team Media). Lynne is retiring after 30 years in the Bloomington School District. Hannah was sad.. to say the least. Loads of tears from her. Lynne will be missed, that is for sure!

We can't forget the gang! Hannah's best friend since Kindergarten is Kyla.. The two of them together!! Then we have Shannon, Hannah, Kyla, Ciana, and Kelly...

And last but not least... Tracy.. By far this teacher did more for Hannah than I can express. Hannah really came into her own in the last 2 years with Tracy. She pushed Hannah a lot, but I couldn't have asked for a better fit!

Tomorrow they have their last day! Fun at Grand Slam! Watch for the fun pictures tomorrow!


Awards Day, and teacher gifts....

Hillcrest held it's Awards Day on Thursday! Hannah won the President's Award For Educational Achievement! I guess the teachers make recommendations, and then they look at all the kids who were recommended, and then vote on who wins!! This is AWESOME!! Here she is getting her award. And the actual award! Needless to say, we are VERY proud of her!

Today is Graduation... So we decided to take in teacher gifts! These are what we got for Tracy, her teacher. I made the cards, you might remember last weekend. I made the box for them last night. Nothing like waiting until the last minute.. But hey, if not for the last minute, nothing would get done.

This is the gift card holder that I made. Again, same design that I used before. From Michelle's blog. Tracy's favorite colors are pink and brown, so.. well naturally...

Then the other teachers got Lindt truffles.. I really didn't want to try to wrap these, or get a bag, so I just made a little band to go around. They turned out really cute!
More to come later.. after graduation!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Weekend work...

Well, I did some more stamping.. I got these cards done. Teacher thank yous.
I really like them all, for different reasons!
The first one is Groovy Guava, Apricot Appeal, and Certainly Celery. Nice combo!

Then this little number is a gift card holder. I got the directions from Michelle's blog. Very cute and quick! Easy Peesy Lemon Squeezy! Chocolate Chip and Soft Sky. The ribbon is from Target $1 bin!

This one is on Groovy Guava and Perfect Plum! I really like this color combo too! Thanks to Dawn for making me use more of the Groovy Guava!


Look what Hannah got!!!

Hannah said she wanted an IPOD... I said NO!! Or I think I said that I wouldn't buy it for her! If she wanted an IPOD, she had birthday money and a gift certificate she could use.. And she could buy it herself.. Her 1st reaction was, "WHAT??? YOU WANT ME TO BUY IT MYSELF???"
After much thought, today she bought herself an IPOD Shuffle! PINK!!
Here she is showing it off!

And here is a close up!!