Sunday, January 25, 2009


OK, have you heard of these?? Little Mismatched socks!! Hannah has been wanting these for a while and we found some today.. (In fact.. she got these as one of the "sets").. I didn't know that they were that hard to find.. ANYWAY the deal is you get 3 different socks.. they are NEVER matched.. Which will make doing the laundry interesting that is for sure. We actually got 2 sets of 3 and a big 'ole large thing of 9.. so that was pretty exciting if I say so myself..

Yesterday (Saturday) I had a quarterly meeting with my upline's upline's upline.. or something like that.. It was in River Falls this time.. usually it is just in St Paul, but there were issues.. so off to RF.. Which is 45 miles away.. not terrible.. but whatever.. We did 6 projects.. and as usual, after these meetings I feel pretty good about SU.. So now I am at a stand still.. and to top it off.. I really like the Big Shot.. I will post pictures from the meeting later.. AND regionals are here in Minneapolis this year.. soooo.... you get the picture.

Not a lot of other news.. Hannah did get moved up to the more advanced Ballet class last week.. so here is this 6th grader in with 9-10 graders for Ballet.. I was surprised by it! I mean, I really didn't KNOW that she was THAT good.. I mean I think that she is good.. but I am MOM.. so this was pretty cool!! She doesn't have school tomorrow.. so she is off to a friends house for the day!

I found what I have been missing too.. I volunteered at the middle school Friday morning... Not even in Hannah's class.. It felt great!! and then I went back to her old elementary school to surprise her teacher from the last 2 years.. and stayed and helped there too.. AND.. I felt great!! I missed volunteering.. WHO KNEW... (K- this is much easier than the baby route!!)

That is about all.. will post more soon.. promise!!! and maybe even start some stamping... who knows???


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Last Nights Adventure

For what ever reason... Hannah won tickets to see a preview of the movie Inkheart... I don't know why really she won them.. something about a story she had to write before Winter break... blah blah blah... But that is beside the point.. she won 4 tickets to the preview.. Which was last night.
We were able to change her clarinet lesson to 1/2 hour earlier so we could go, we were lucky that Jeff's student before her had to cancel for whatever reason, which by the way, I think happens a lot...
ANYWAY.. we got to Southdale Theaters about 6:40 for the 7pm showing. They seat 400 people for a preview in 1 theater. AND it was full.. We showed up just as Hannah's best friend Kyla showed up with her parents. Which was nice.. Hannah and Kyla sat with Pat.. I sat with Kari and Greg. I also got to see a TON of other people there too.. LIKE Karen (yup, Poodle Karen.. see earlier blog about my friends...) Who I did try to corrupt her, her ex, and the boys and have them line jump, but nope.. they wouldn't do it..
Hannah and Kyla were both given t-shirts... and I got one too.. they are YOUTH sizes.. so actually Hannah got 2! I tried giving mine to the young lady sitting beside me, but she didn't want it because it would have been too small for her...
OKAY.. sorry, back to the movie.. Pat and I liked it.. Greg and Kari liked it.. Hannah and Kyla liked it.. Poodle Karen liked it.. as did Steve.. Ben (Karen's oldest) said it wasn't like the book... which I haven't read.. but have been meaning to for awhile now, said he liked it..
I really hope that it does well when it opens. It was a good movie. Pat did comment that he could see tons of possibilities for sequels.. or a weekly TV show based on the book..
Hope you all have a good day...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

VERY Important and Historic Day!

OH yeah.. there is THAT one too.. BUT the one I am talking about is DAWN!! Today is my BFF's Birthday!! And since it is her Birthday... I think anyone who reads this should bop over to her blog and wish her a great day!!!

Now I don't have something from James T Kirk for her, and it's not because I didn't look for something from her favorite Star Trek guy... But I did send her a gift.. which she has had at her house for almost a week now.. and didn't open.. SURE, she opens her Christmas gifts early... but not the B'day stuff.. Which I guess is okay.. But if you can add something about Star Trek in her b'day wishes that would be wonderful!! She would get a kick out of it!!!!

SO... Happy Birthday DAWN!!!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009


OK, so yesterday I went for coffee with my friend Karen... (or as Dawn calls her, poodle Karen)... and I mentioned something about dreams.. so wouldn't you know it.. I had a very strange dream last night...
NOW, mind you I am 42 years old... and have NEVER had to ride the bus to school.. but last night.. I was dreaming that I, along with everyone else in the neighborhood, including Hannah (And Roth and Kaliyan)... missed the bus.. It was warm out, because my window was open, and I remember yelling for them to hold the bus for me.. But the bus didn't pick anyone up!! The kids all said that it was going to come back..
NOW, I wasn't a kid... I was an adult.. and knew I could drive.. but still..??? WHAT THE???!!!
THEN.. when I did get to school, for some reason I didn't have a pen!! A PEN!! And for some reason I HAD to have a pen!! And no one would lend me a pen!!

WHAT does THAT mean????

Friday, January 16, 2009


Jeannie from Dragonfly Journeys sent me this... Does she understand Minnesotans or what???


It's winter in Minnesota

And the gentle breezes blow

Seventy miles an hour

At thirty-five below.

Oh, how I love Minnesota

When the snow's up to your butt

You take a breath of winter

And your nose gets frozen shut.

Yes, the weather here is wonderful

So I guess I'll hang around

I could never leave Minnesota cuz

I'm frozen to the ground!!


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dream post... and only because I feel guilty...

OK, so I usually don't remember my dreams.. but maybe reading Karen's blog made me think of mine more closely.. who knows.. but I had a REALLY strange dream last night/this morning.. and I am only posting because.. well.. I feel guilty for not posting anything.. I mean I was on Karen's blog.. and she has this list on the side.. it tells when the last post was for different blogs.. well.. MINE is the VERY last one.. and it said I hadn't posted in 5 YES 5 days.. so.. I will tell my dream.. and maybe.. just maybe someone will tell me what it means...
So it started just normal.. same ole crap happening at work.. and for those of you who don't know.. I work in a dental office.. so really not that exciting.. but all of a sudden.. for some unknown reason I have to take my practical boards again.. that is where you have to FIND a patient.. and clean their teeth.. but it isn't all that easy to FIND a patient.. they have to have just the right amount of crud on their teeth.. and they have to be willing to have someone pick at their teeth, and have dental examiners look at them.. blah blah blah..
So I am all worried because I can't find a patient.. and for some reason I can't work unless I retake these stupid boards..
I keep looking everywhere for a patient..
I keep cleaning TONS of peoples teeth..
BUT none of these patients will work for my boards..
Then all of a sudden.. I am taking my boards with some patient who I have NO idea who they are.. or HOW they even got there.. BUT they have a TON of crud on their teeth... and I am working like crazy to get the teeth cleaned.. but all the work I am doing.. the stuff is still there.. and I can't get the teeth cleaned..
AND THEN I FAIL.. I mean not just FAIL.. but FAIL...
then the alarm woke me up..
SO what does that mean???

Saturday, January 10, 2009


So you all had to listen to me talk about Hannah and the Moscow Ballet.. and her being on pointe.. blah blah blah... well here are a couple pictures of her..
I have to admit.. I am pretty impressed with her! She is a good dancer!

Valkyrie.. the movie

Yesterday, while Hannah was at school, Pat and I went to see Valkyrie... Pat really wanted to see the movie.. I was... What ever... BUT.. you know what??.. I liked it!! I really liked the movie.. I am not a huge Tom fan, but this was a good movie. There was none of that fake German accent stuff and you didn't have a hard time believing that he was Col Claus von Stauffenberg. He played the part well. I do believe that Stauffenberg was power hungry as well. I don't know if that is the case, but that is how it seemed to play out.
I know that the reviews weren't good for the movie.. but I guess that I shouldn't really believe that everything that is said about a movie.. right???
I do, however, see how it didn't do well on it's opening weekend, with all the feel good movies that opened at the same time. But, if you like historical movies, books, etc, go see this movie.. or at least see it at the cheap price.. or rent it when it comes out...

I also got a box from the UPS man... I got my order from Stampin Up. Which means that I should do some stamping.. Maybe that will help get my mojo back working.. who knows...


Monday, January 5, 2009

MAJOR Day Brightener!!

So today is Monday!! DRAG city!! Long day at work.. LONG commute home.. but when I get home.. there is this little envi on the table... my name is on it!! YEAH!!! Not a bill!! I look at the return address and it is from Jeannie!! She sent me the most wonderful card.. LOOK HOW CUTE IT IS!!! She is VERY talented!! You can check out her stuff on her blog here!
So anyway... This was most unexpected!! It is just so cute!! AND look, she even personalized it!!
I wish I had her talent!!!

I have been reading some really cool blogs.. There is one about random acts of kindness.. Called Operation Nice... I am going to try to be nice.. I know that at times it will be hard.. but I really like this idea! I mean how hard will it be to let someone go 1st?? Or if someone has just 1 item to buy, let them go in front of you? If everyone did just one nice thing a day.. WOW...

I think that Jeannie has done hers for the day!!

Have a smiley day!:)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

What has been going on....

Well, a long time ago.. OK, not a LONG time ago.. but about 1 1/2 months ago.. (so a long time ago) right after one of the 1st snows.. Hannah made this cute little snowman and left it for me right by the garage.. Very Very cute..

And Miss Sasha Blu was really getting into the Christmas spirit.. in fact this is about all that she did to the tree this year. I was very glad about that.. I was worried that she would crawl into it.. but NO..

AND even Gretel likes Twilight... proof...

And today.. Hannah did another Master Class. This time it was with a cast member from Grease.. And this was a big one since we had just seen the show. It was pretty cool that Ms. Chandra had a male dancer for them. Joseph was from Phoenix, AZ.. and this was his 1st time in MN.. Welcome to MN.. it was 1 degree at the start of class today.. and wind chill of about -20!!!
I watched the last few minutes of class and got to sit in for the question and answer session! WHAT a blast!
He taught them a dance from the dance contest.. the hand jive! I guess he is a hand jive specialist.. Not sure how you become a hand jive specialist.. but he was really good!
Anyway.. that is what had been going on..
I will try to post more but well.. with me, you never know!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009


As you may know.. I am a Stampin' Up demonstrator. I enjoy it.. mainly I am a hobby demo.. for the benefits.
Before I joined, my upline was really into having me on her team. She would say how she was there to help me.. blah blah blah.. Then when I FINALLY joined up (after years)... she also joined up with a jewelry company.. which she LOVES so much more than Stampin' Up!. WHICH means that she has no time for her downline. IN fact, I haven't seen or heard from her in over a year!! no meetings, no get togethers.. nothing!! AND when she did do meetings, they weren't even meetings.. they were stamping events!
So here is my big question that I am trying to decide. Do I quit Stampin' Up? I mean I have others who would love me as a costumer!(one who is a friend who signed up from one of my parties, my current upline, and just about anyone else in her downline, not to mention all the others that I have met) I wouldn't need to keep ordering stuff I really don't need, just to make the minimum... do I try to work the business? try to go out there and have tons of shows?? Which really isn't me??... Do I offer my discount to the people I know, just so that I make the minimums?? (Which I know I shouldn't do)...
Have I just lost the love with SU? There are so many other wonderful companies out there.. with great stuff too..
I like SU products.. but some of the moves lately have put me off.. the 2 catties a year!! that sucks!! I have a hard time learning the one.. and BAM another one is ready to come out!! AND NOT to mention the specials every other day!! OMG!!
So last night.. while I wasn't sleeping at 1:43am until 2:49 (when I quit looking at the clock).. I was thinking about this..
I haven't been stamping much.. sort of lost the mojo or whatever..
I really stamp just for fun... birthday cards.. thank yous... Christmas cards...
Do I really want to stay???
ANY help would be great!!