Sunday, February 22, 2009

Newest book

I have been volunteering in a reading classroom on Friday mornings, and this was the book that they are reading right now. I thought that I should read it as well, so on Friday, Ms. Willems lent me the book. I have to admit.. I loved it! There are 4 books the series.. so I have a few more to read..
It is also nice, because Hannah is reading the book as well. So I will have something to talk to her about too.
Well, I hope that you all had a good weekend!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Look what I got....!!!

OK.. so after a yucky day at work.. I got home and in the mail... I got THIS... YUP.. Jeannie from Dragonfly Journeys sent me this REALLY cute card.. I mean look at this thing!! She is so wonderful!! I wish I had all her talent!!
From my understanding... the US mail system sucks!! Which I tend to believe.. I mean read Dawn's Blog about it too!!
Random acts of kindess are alway so sweet.. and I think Jeannie has that locked up today!!!
Thanks again Jeannie!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Gate House

I just finished this book by one of my FAVORITE authors.. Nelson DeMille. I LOVED this book.. It is a sequel to The Gold Coast!! LOVED it..
Sorry no new cards to post yet.. I am still trying to make some new ones.. and when I do, I will post the pics..

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hannah's invites and my Valentine's flowers

As promised.. here it is.. This is what I made for Hannah's invites. She LOVES them.. fun and flirty just like her! Anyway.. I only had to make 2 so it wasn't too bad.

I did do some other cards, but since they are being sent to people who read this blog, I didn't take pictures. Just so you know... I did do a bunch of stamping!

And Pat isn't suppose to get me anything for Valentine's day. I personally think that it is a "holiday" that the card, flower, candy companies made up to make money... so I sort of just say.. tell me Happy Valentine's day and be done with it..
But being my wonderful hubby that he is.. he brought me these beautiful pinkish/reddish roses on Friday.. NOT for Valentine's day.. or so he says...

It's Sunday.. and I did clean up my stamping room.. and you know what that means?? YUP I need to stamp and mess it up again! Who knows? maybe I will start posting loads of cards again.. OK, don't hold your breath...

Thanks for stopping.. leave me a message!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Well, as I stated before, I have been doing a LITTLE bit of stamping. NOT much, a little here and there..

This is the Ghirardelli Box that Beate did for Splitcoast.. Not too bad.. it was easy to do.. Which in my case is ALWAYS a plus!

While I was at my upline meeting, one of the lady's there.. and I can't remember which one, showed this using Lifesavers.. She had done it with a punch instead of stamping on the top piece.. but.. well.. I just stamped.. much quicker. Very easy to do.. very quick!!! and I gave a few of these out to people at work... THEY LOVED them!! And what a way to use up scraps! Superdee Duperdee Easy!!

So this is the Valentine's Day version... I am sure that I can just swap out some colors and stamps.. and BAM... every occasion...

I am working on invites for Hannah's birthday party.. WHEN... I get them done.. I will post those as well.. Since I only have to make 2... well.. not so tough.. Yup, that is right.. she is only inviting her 2 bestest friends to stay over.. Nothing big, nothing special.. I am thinking of putting a tent up downstairs for a camp out theme.. do hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill.. and I have a little s'more maker thingy.. not sure.. will have to see.. since I don't have a tent.. and I would have to figure out a way to put it up downstairs..

Hope that all of you have a wonderful heart day!!
Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I have been making cards.. really!!!

So I did do some stamping.. this is a birthday card for one of my co-workers. Her Birthday is on Monday. I hope that she likes this card. It was pretty easy to make!

And for Valentine's day.. I made this little 4x4 card. Just a quickie really...

Now this one I found on Inkin With Dink's blog.
It looked quick and fun, so I thought I would try it.. This was my 1st attempt.. I liked it.. think I will try some more soon!!

Well, thanks for looking..

tooth update

Well to let everyone know.. yesterday I had my tooth extracted. YUP yanked right out.. YUP it hurt.. Yup it's annoying.. Nope nothing is there to replace it yet.. unless you count this little retainer thingy I have to wear.. that isn't real comfortable.. but does make it look like I have a tooth there..
I took 2 Valium before the surgery.. guess what?? didn't do a lot for me.. next time I am going for 3!
My lip was numb until 8:30 this morning.. Which is really strange.. the stuff was only suppose to last 12 hours.. but talking to Kristin (the assistant) this morning, she said that the doc used A LOT of anesthetic.. so I guess that is normal..
Last night I took some pain meds so I slept OK. And I am taking Advil today to help with the pain and to keep the swelling down..
And I got the day off today.. so that was OK..
Not much else to report..
I am thinking of making a red velvet cake for Valentine's day.. and if I can find red fondant.. I make may the one on Karen's blog.. will have to see...
That's about all..
More later

Friday, February 6, 2009

Better days...

Well I just thought that you would like to know.. I am MUCH better today.. No ranting on and on.. But I saw this and HAD to put it on the blog.. I mean HOW perfect??

This was just too funny.. I saw it and thought of Dawn right away!!

Have a great Friday..

Thursday, February 5, 2009

WARNING... rant!


Don't you hate it when you are driving along and the idiot in the lane next to you decides that your lane would be great to be in? No turn signal, no notice just BAM.. AND they are probably on their cell phone too! I mean didn't they pay the extra $.25 for those optional turn signals?? Or didn't they remember that they are suppose to turn those on when cutting someone off in traffic!?!.
I am usually a pretty nice driver!!.. (usually)... If someone has a turn signal on, I will slow and let the in. I mean what happens if I don't? I get to my destination what?.. 15 seconds sooner???
And when you merge into traffic from a ramp?? HELLO ZIPPER EFFECT?!?!?! really people, it isn't that hard.. every other one..
And I am not sure why people have to look at a stopped car.. for what ever reason.. HELLO people.. they had an accident.. yup.. bumper is crunched.. yup.. they are having a bad day!!! Get over it and move on!!!

AND then there is the wonderful customer service calls.. you know the ones.. press 1 for blah.. press 2 for blah.. press 3 for blah... and if you think that you are EVER going to get to talk to a real person!! Not to mention those that give you the option of leaving a message, which will be returned in "2 business days"... Well I can tell you that if you EVER have to call MinuteClinic at their 1-866 number... be prepared to NEVER talk to someone..! I called on Friday.. pressed 4.. was on hold for 25 minutes.. when I thought that.. hey I will leave a message.. According to the recording.. someone would get back to me "within" 2 business days.. RRRRIIIIGGGHHHTTT!!!! so on Tuesday.. since I still hadn't heard from them.. I called again.. Again.. 28 minutes on hold.. (I was at lunch and just had the speaker on).. and then AGAIN... left a message.. OOOOKKKKAAAYYY!!! so on Wednesday.. after STILL not hearing back.. I went onto their website.. got an email address.. and was assured that someone would get back to my email with in the day.. so I emailed.. WELL.. Today is Thursday.. Let's just say that pressing "0" and strongly stating the facts will at least get you to a real live person.. AND a bit more complaining will actually get someone to call you back.. OK.. it was 3pm.. and I actually talked to the real person at 7:53am... but they still actually called me back.. and even followed up with an email..

Don't even want to talk about my day at work.. and the fact that I have to have my tooth pulled on Tuesday.. and the lab that won't even give a dental employee a discount.. but hey.. that's another rant...
I did hear that Valium is defiantly the way to go... and Pat did say that he would take the day off work and drive me to work and come back and pick me up..

Ok, thanks for reading.. hope your Friday Eve was better than mine!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

BAD weekend...

Well all started out as a wonderful weekend.. Hannah had won tickets to see a preview of SPACE BUDDIES.. which.. I have to admit.. was cute.. too cute for an 11 almost 12 year old, but it was a free movie.. So since Hannah had won 4 tickets she had her friend Kyla stay over Friday night.. so we could just head over to Southdale for the movie..
Now.. backtrack just a bit.. Thursday night Hannah said her throat hurt.. A trip to Minute Clinic and a strep test later.. the quick test was negative.. OK great.. fine.. no problem.. she just needed rest.. well.. Saturday afternoon.. after the movie.. after Kyla went home.. I get a call.. the long test came back positive.. GREAT!! TERRIFIC!! This is the 2nd time in 2 months.. the Nurse Practitioner was concerned.. Hannah could hear me on the phone with her.. so she was all upset.. Trip to Target for Antibiotics.. and a recommendation to see her pediatrician.. OK fine..

Somewhere in there.. oh that's right.. while we were at the movie.. 1/2 of a tooth fell off.. NOTHING happening.. just broke right off.. IN THE FRONT!! so I call the dentist I work for and explain that tooth #6 (the tooth from hell...) broke.. and it's sharp.. YOU know what he asks me?? So should we pull it today?? WHAT?? HU?? UM.. NO!!!! just fix me up.. yeah, I know I need to do something... (when hell freezes over)... but not today!! HELLO!!

So this is my option.. an IMPLANT for the tooth.. which requires that I have the tooth pulled and bone grafting done.. then ANOTHER surgery to put the implant in!! WHICH is just what it looks like... a screw!! granted it's titanium.. but it is still a screw!!!

So my weekend, which at one point looked so promising.. turned into something awful..
I just wonder what I did for all this bad karma....


OH, I did do some stamping though.. so there is a bright spot.. I will take some pics and post them soon..