Thursday, April 30, 2009

April 30th... deadline!

Well.. I made it.. I am still a Stampin' Up demo.. I made it out of pending.. Thanks to a wonderful customer of mine... so I am safe for another couple months.. if anyone cares..
I have been stamping some.. not much.. things are really busy.. I wonder if I stamped if that would relax me a little?? hmmm...
My friend Karen is in Mexico right now.. I am sure having a great time.. drinking those wonderful umbrella drinks.. and soaking up the sun!! She wasn't worried about the whole flu thing.. something about a doctor and a nurse and hand sanitizer.. hope they let her back in!!
Hannah has another dance competition starting tomorrow night.. and all say Saturday. I hope that they do well.. She got her tap costume.. REALLY cute! Orange and black! and I guess that she gets an actual tu-tu for pointe!!
That is about all that is going on right now..
Leave me a comment.. I'll try to post a little more often!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekend fun...

Well.. I know that it has been a long time since I have posted.. really nothing to post of interest.. but this weekend.. my BFF Dawn came up for the annual Minnesota Star of the North dental meeting.. Now, for those of you who read my blog who are not dental people.. this is really a place where we can go to get our required continuing education.. suck up to vendor's who give out freebies.. (although not many this year) and catch up with others we probably really don't want to see anyway..
So all day Friday Dawn and I sat in meeting.. the 1st one was REALLY bad.. the 2nd one was great.. We were suppose to go on Saturday to a morning meeting.. but the room host was really rude, and let's just say we decided NOT to stay for that one..
Also had some fun time shopping at the Mall of America with Dawn and Hannah..
OH and then there was the required trips to Caribou Coffee..
The other thing I did was make some cards.. I did this thing a while back about people posting and then making cards for them.. Well.. Jeannie.. yours are going in the mail this week.. Karen.. I am working on yours now.. Dawn.. well.. you know..
So that is what has been going on.
Hannah did a competition last weekend.. my camera really isn't good for movement shots.. but they did great! and then she has another one Friday night and all day Saturday. I am amazed on how good she does.. I think she does really well, but I am mom.. but to hear from others that she is doing well.. you know...
And then there is Pat.. he had his first practice for the Father and Daughter dance.. I guess he is dancing to Danger Zone.. hm...
AND then there is the icky weather.. rained all day today.. and it's cold. I am really ready for warm weather.
My magnolia is blooming! YEA!! and my orchid is too! So that is good fun news..
Well, thanks for stopping by.. leave me a note to say hi!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I'm going crazy!!!

I love my daughter a lot!! And I LOVE my BFF Dawn a lot too!! HOWEVER... Thanks to my wonderful BFF and my darling daughter.. I am going crazy!!
As many of you know.. Hannah is obsessed with '80's movies.. She loves them..
Dawn.. being the Fairy Godmother that she is.. got her 2 movies for Easter.. She sent them a week or so ago..

Hannah is watching Ferris AGAIN!! This is the 3rd time she has watched this movie..
Now don't get me wrong.. Ferris is funny.. it's a great '80's movie by John Hughes! Come on.. how many of you would love to just blow a day off.. and do everything fun... AND get away with it?? I know you are all out there thinking of the movie and laughing.. WHICH I would be.. if I weren't watching it... over and over.. and over...
I mean how many times can you watch Matthew Broderick sing Twist and Shout?? OK, maybe you can watch it a few times..
And it is nice to see Hannah put people together.. Like...Jennifer Grey... (hey isn't that Baby???) and Charlie Sheen (the guy from 2 1/2 men....)

AND then there is Pretty in Pink... This is so '80's! Hannah has watched this at least 3 times as well.. (in 1 1/2 weeks...)
There is the scene at the prom.. you all know it.. Where Andrew McCarthy's Blane character tells Steff (James Spader) that he knows why Steff disapproves of Andie.. "you buy everything... don't you Steff.. and you couldn't buy her.. She thinks you're shit.. and deep down, you know she's right!" And where he tells her that he loves her.. And where Jon Cryer (Duckie) tells Andie that Blane isn't like the others.. and he "came here alone".. Hannah thinks that is the greatest!!..
If only it were that easy!!

Well.. all I can say.. DAWN... when you are here for the dental convention.. you thought that you were going to get to watch Buffy.. NOPE.. I am pretty sure that it will be all '80's.. all weekend... bring those stir up pants.. member's only jackets.. pop rocks.. jelly shoes... Rubik's cube... Reebok high tops... and be prepared!!

Oh, and to be fair.. I should note that the "Easter Bunny" got her a few movies too... The Breakfast Club, Flashdance... and Center Stage... (OK, this is a movie from 2000, but it's about Ballet...)And I think that he was looking for 16 Candles too!!....


Good Friday?

OK, I know that Friday was Good Friday.. I know that.. But I guess that doesn't mean that if you are to do a community performance, you go and dance....
Which brings me to Hannah and Good Friday...

Her dance studio scheduled a community performance at 1/2 time at the Harlem Globetrotters game at the Target Center.
Now, I don't know about any of you.. but I have never been to see the Harlem Globetrotters before.. I don't enjoy basketball all that much... but still.. I went.. I sat and watched this "game"... just so I could see my little munchkin perform..
Hannah did a great job.. and she really liked the game..
She has a competition next weekend..
AND no I didn't take pictures, I didn't think that we would have good enough seats.. but it turns out.. I should have taken the camera.. oh well.. next time...
On a side note.. since we were at Target Center, we got a really good look at the new Twins Stadium.. which looks like it will be awesome when it is done! I am sure that it will be sold out for most games! (I am sure that they are hoping all games)
Have a wonderful Easter!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Weekend update...

Nothing too special this weekend. Patrick had knee surgery on Friday to repair a torn meniscus... and he was doing okay yesterday... but today is a whole new story. His knee is pretty swollen and black and blue.. and he is feeling some pain now.
Yesterday I went to my first (and probably only) Stampin' Up regionals. It was fun. We did 6 projects. One using the Big Shot.. (Which I still might get.. as long as I am still getting that discount!) It was fun.. I met up with a gal I met thru the Nutcracker, and we sat together. That and 4 others from Iowa.. Which was funny, because Crystal and I are both orginally from Iowa too!
I don't have pictures yet of the stuff we did. But I will try to get some up soon.
Hannah is on Spring Break for the week, so it will be interesting to see what I am going to do with her!
Well, thanks for checking in...
More later