Saturday, May 31, 2008

Who knew?? Another card....

Well, since Dawn liked my other card so much, and she LOVES the Groovy Guava... (OK, she likes to say it)... and she is the reason I got this set... I thought I would make a card for her.. Now she will see the card before she gets it.. but well.. I think that will be OK..

Friday, May 30, 2008

CARDS... (I know don't faint)

OK, so after Hannah's dress rehearsal last night, I thought I should start making some cards for the teacher gifts.. (since school is out next week..) I came up with these! They were fast and easy.. (easy peasy lemon squeezy)... Loved how they turned out! I really like the velum on the cards. And you stamp on one side, and color the other side! Really nice effect!

I made 2 of each in pretty in pink, mellow moss, and barely banana.. Then I thought.. gee, wouldn't 3x3's look cute as a set with this?? So, I did 2 of each color in 3x3's. I used the textured paper to make the 3x3's. OOHH... I like that... I still want to put some Velcro on the cards to hold down the flap.. but over all I was really happy with the results! And I used some paper that I keep getting, but never seem to want to part with.. (anyone else have that problem?)

Hannah's rehearsal

OK, so the picture stinks.. but you try to take a good picture while they are dancing!! Hannah is the one in the blue in the middle.. I think that is tap.. not sure.. I know what kind of Mom am I? Well, just so you all know, I wasn't all that thrilled with the dance class this year, and I DO NOT like the costume! Most of the girls don't like it either. It doesn't really go with ANYTHING... no sparkle of any kind. Sort of sad for them. They did work hard. New teacher that I wasn't all that impressed with. We are trying to decide if we will return there or not. She is at another studio too, and loves it there. So will have to keep you posted. I am hoping that the recital goes well tonight.. Keep those fingers crossed!


Tuesday, May 27, 2008


As you may remember.. I got this book for Mother's Day.. well, after finishing my last book, The Undomestic Goddess.. I started and have now finished this book.
I found I like autobiography's. Valerie Bertinelli's was no different. I enjoyed that fact that she as able to tell it like it is. No sugar coating! She talks about her affairs, that she may have cheated first in her marriage to Eddie Van Halen.. Her drug use.. and lastly her weigh loss.
Now, if only I could do what she did with the weight loss...

How you live...

Reading Michelle's blog, she posted about her fun weekend. She went on a scrap booking retreat.. (lucky girl). Anyway, she was saying that they did some fun activities before they scrap booked, and they played this youtube.
I was inspired!
Thanks Michelle!

Monday, May 26, 2008


I finished this book the other day! The ending was pretty predictable, but a fun read over all.
It was about a lawyer who makes a HUGE mistake and walks out. She ends up in the middle of nowhere, and is mistaken for a housekeeper. Mind you that she knows NOTHING about cooking or cleaning. She meets the gardener.. and well, like I said, the rest is predictable.
A fun read if nothing else.

Hannah's concert

Hannah had her 5th grade band concert the other day.. (ok, it was last week, I am just getting to putting it on the blog). They all did great.. I was surprised! I mean given that they only have band 1 time a week.. well, I thought that they would, well, stink! But I was wrong! It was really a good concert!
So this is a picture of Hannah before the start.. She was goofing off.. as usual!

I am not sure why they were standing at first, but then they have each group play a song. It was pretty impressive for the clarinets! They had to memorize the selection that they played. At the VERY end... This was after "Let's Go Band!" Mr Ballew made them hold up their instruments for about 2 minutes.. It was rather funny!

and this is Mr Ballew.. He wears a tux to the performances! And he is really funny! Hannah loved him! He was just a blast to have for a teacher!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Birthday presents... and more!!

This is a sampling of the gifts that I got for my birthday!! Dawn, Pat and Hannah were very nice to me.. Dawn got me the Bath and Body stuff and the penguin and plaque..

OK, looks like I didn't get any pictures of what Pat and Hannah got me.. They were really sweet.. they got me a gift certificate to Herberger's and the new Neil Diamond CD.. Pat also made me a cake!!! YUM YUM!!! I am one VERY lucky gal!! Yeah ME!!

And aren't these 2 little 3x3 cards great?? I got the stamps from Archivers with my Mother's day gift certificate!!
Tonight we have Hannah's band recital/concert... So look for pictures soon!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Pre Birthday Surprises...

The girls at work gave me this card for my birthday! Kris made this for me! She just started stamping.. She did a GREAT job!! I love it!! The apricot appeal is one of my faves!

And in my locker was this wonderful package!! Katie gave me this great mug.. love the saying..
"Latte is Italian for you paid too much for that coffee!" and then a mini mini Uglydoll "Uglydog". Very sweet of her!

And then to top things off.. Dawn left these for me when she was here at the beginning of April. This is more just to prove I haven't opened them yet.. will have to wait until Sunday...

Have a great night!


Monday, May 12, 2008

Elephant Birthday Card and the ducks are back!

Hannah has another birthday party to go to, and well.. guess what the favorite animal is?? YUP an elephant!! We got Megan a Webkins, elephant of course and a couple other things! Anyway, I used the gift card holder idea as a birthday card! I think it turned out really good! (and I will be making a ton of these gift card holders for teachers!)

Then Pat mentioned that we have visitors under our deck.. Those 2 ducks from way back, well, they are now hanging out under the deck.. right outside the window!! It's great to watch them!!
Other than that.. pretty normal boring usual Monday!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

OK, I admit it!! I am spoiled!! My darling husband and wonderful daughter gave me the most wonderful Mother's Day gifts EVER!!!

1st, they made this wonderful scrap book! This is MORE THAN I HAVE EVER DONE with scrap booking! Hannah did the writing! I have the picture of the 1st page, and the last page! Needless to say.. I cried my eyes out!! It was very touching! The last page says..."but most of all, you showed me that I want to be like you!" and it is a picture of us when we were in San Diego dressed alike!

And then there is the Uglydolls! I have wanted these forever! Not sure why I want them, but, well, they are really cute! So they got me the small ones.. VERY CUTE.. The orange one on the left is Minimum Wage.. and the pink on on the right is OX.
I also got these wonderful flowers this morning! Aren't they pretty??
Then a gift card to Archivers! I mean WOW!! Can't wait to use this!! I know some of the things that I will HAVE to have!!!

THEN... in case I wasn't spoiled enough... I got Valerie Berinelli's book! I have wanted to read this since it came out! I can't wait to start this one. I am sure that I know at least one person in Iowa who will want this when I am done!!

NOW.. these 2 little gems are from Hannah! She made them in class on Friday.. OK, I knew about these since I went in and helped all 24 of the kids make these for the Mom's! I didn't look at Hannah's until this morning when I unwrapped them! The treat-a-lope had Hershey Kisses in it! They put the gift card in it.. and the note pad holder turned out great!
Overall.. it was a fantastic wonderful terrific fabulous day!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Saturday May 10

OK, this morning at 10am Pat and I went to Let's Dish! This is a place where they have all the ingredients out, with instructions to make the dishes. You make them, take them home, put them in the freezer and heat later. Hannah usually comes with me, but she was at a sleep over/birthday party, so Pat stepped in to help.

Then... This is really important!!! I had to go to Once Upon a Crime. Dawn had a book signed and needed to have it picked up. Being that I was here, well.. you know.. I got the job. I was going to be nasty and pretend that I was going to keep the book and read it before sending it.. but when I went to pick up the book... Pat and Gary had other plans for me..

The book was packaged (see the picture of the book above).. ready to ship out! Dawn hadn't even paid for the book yet! They were going to ship it to her!! OK, granted, Dawn went NUTS when she was here a few weeks ago, meeting Gary at the book store. And this is the 3rd book that she has gotten from them, signed. AND, she keeps in contact with them via e-mail etc.. But still.. THIS is one store that if you have a chance to go and buy something from.. DO! TALK about a WOW experience they create! And they remember you! I mean I called the first time I went to get her a book, and they knew who I was right away! They remembered that I was picking up a book for Dawn! They are really nice people!

So after getting the book, which was in Uptown.. I headed over to Fun Sisters. This is a little boutique that is only open 1 weekend a month. They sell knock off purses, some great deals on shoes.. they have jewelry.. tons of cool stuff.. IT was really packed, but I got this cute little purse for summer. I guess my Mother's Day gift to myself... (hee hee).
Other than that.. it's been sort of quiet here.. ok, it's only 1:45.. but still...

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Practice make perfect

Hannah has been really good at practicing her clarinet. OK, most of the time she has been really good at it. Her concert is coming up on May 20th. She is pretty excited about it. (notice the nice hair today.. She ran the mile in gym today!)

Then there is Pat, who just likes to play around, but does practice a lot with his guitar! Sometimes he doesn't even know others are around.. So I try to sneak a picture every now and then.

And then there is Grets.. she has to listen to all of this going on because usually they are both playing at the same time.. She goes to her favorite spot and just sits there.. Poor thing! Mostly it is Hannah that she has to listen to, since her kennel is right by where Hannah practices!!


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Front Yard Visitors

I have this little (ok big FAT) problem in my yard this year.. It's cute and fluffy, but this little fat monster is eating my plants!! I know that it is the same bunny (it has some tuffs of fur hanging on it's neck) I see almost every day.. munching away!! Enjoying my plants!! I will be lucky if I get hosta to come up at all!!

And then there are the deer.. Last night when I came home from watching my friend's son's soccer game, we had deer hanging out. There were about 4-5 total. Pat was able to get some pictures of them. Cars were stopping, letting them wander across the street, and they just stood there.. Not a care in the world.. I believe that these darling "Bambi's" are also eating my plants. But they prefer my flowers over the hosta..
Gretel thinks they are there to play with her. She has run after them a time or two!! I think she thinks they are greyhounds or that she is a deer.. And actually, they do sort of look alike.. Anyone have any ideas how to get rid of these wonderful creatures??? Or at least make it so they don't eat my plants up??