Friday, October 31, 2008

What happens when I surf the web...

Ok, so when I have too much time on my hands... well.. look what happens...

Pumpkin carving and Christmas card

Happy Halloween everyone.. Last night Hannah and I carved the pumpkin.. OK, truth be told.. Hannah cleaned the pumpkin "guts" out, and I actually had to carve the pumpkin.. NOW.. I haven't carved a pumpkin in forever.. you will notice that there are no pictures of the finished product.. It wasn't that bad.. but I didn't want to show my lack of talent...
Anyway.. Hannah was having a blast!! Even getting "guts" all over herself!!
And today I actually stamped!! Yes, I know.. pick yourselves up off the floor!! Anyway... back to the card.. I had been wanting to try the dryer sheet technique and thought that "Home for Christmas" set would work great. I loved the set.. and got it.. but then I got scared of it!! That's a lot to have to color in!! But then I thought that if I used the dryer sheet technique and just highlighted a few areas.. well.. as you see.. I used Kraft, Handsome Hunter and Whisper White paper, Chocolate Chip ink, and Real Red, Yoyo Yellow, Always Artichoke, Old Olive markers. Then it has Dazzling Diamonds on top! It really does look much better in person..
I really enjoyed doing this... except now I have adhesive on my fingers!!
I also did clean a whee bit in the stamping room.. I really need about 2 hours alone in there.. Not tonight.. waiting for the Trick or Treaters to come by...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A little of this.. a little of that...

Well, I did some stamping this morning.. One of the wonderful ladies at work gave me a Willow Tree box and I needed to give her a thank you.. so this is what I came up with this morning at 5:30... She loved the colors and thought it was great!!

And because she was being soooo cute.. I just had to take a picture of Sasha sleeping on the chair!! Isn't she CUTE?!?!?! You can see the spot on her leg where they had to put the IV in last week. Boy oh boy.. she is a totally different cat!! She plays, she eats a TON!!! and she even cuddles!! I am pretty sure this is why we got her!!
And speaking of my wonderful new addition to the family.. Guess what her new favorite treat is?? Quaker Mini Rice Cakes.. in Cheddar Cheese! I was reading my newest book, munching on my snack and Sasha Blu starts begging.. so I break a piece off, and she gobbles it down.. In fact.. she ate almost 2 whole mini rice cakes!! So, I think I am her favorite right now...
Who knew that cats likes cheddar cheese rice cakes?? OK, when I lived with my Mom, we had a cat who like to eat french fries and potato chips.. so I guess it isn't too weird..

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Can we Cuddle??

OK, so Pat is on World Tour tonight.. and the puppy and kitty and crashed on the couch beside him.. This might be the closest that the 2 of them have been together that I know of..

It is pretty cute!!

And for anyone keeping track.. I did figure out my Christmas cards.. and so you know.. the colors are as follows... Chocolate Chip, Perfect Plum, Riding Hood Red, and Old Olive...


It's Sunday... It's Snowing... World Tour...

It's Sunday.. Which is a great day.. don't get me wrong.. But here in Bloomington, MN, it is snowing! It's the 26th of October.. It's not suppose to snow!! I know, there are tons of people who remember 1991 Halloween... 2 feet of snow!! But this isn't 1991.. AND I DON'T LIKE SNOW!!
But on other new.. Pat is on World Tour now.. Guitar Hero's World Tour came out today.. so naturally we had to get it..

And naturally, Pat opened it up and began playing right away..

I don't think that Hannah will get to play anytime soon.. but she might.. I on the other hand have never really played the Wii games.. I do Wii fit, but that is about all...

And this is what the animals are up to on a snowy Sunday, while Pat plays video games.. Gretel in her kennel and Sasha doing what Sasha does best these days..


Saturday, October 25, 2008


1st off, I DO NOT spoil my pets.. So whatever you see in pictures here, I don't want you to think that I would EVER spoil my pets.. (wink wink, nudge nudge)

Now that being said.. This is Gretel being Gretel.. Actually, she is on the small love seat upstairs.. Usually she is on the couch downstairs.. But she looked so very cute.. and well.. I hadn't posted a picture of her in awhile.
She is doing great! She is handling Sasha's arrival very well. She was very worried when Sasha wasn't feeling well. She keeps a close watch on her.

And since Sasha's return home, I hadn't taken any pictures of her. Well, she was sunning herself this morning, and caught her being cute!! Which for my animals, isn't hard for them to do!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Sasha Update and new book...

Well, I was informed that some people had to read on my BFF's blog that Sasha was doing ok.. Well, I thought I had better update what happened.. Like I said before, when we adopted Sasha she had an upper respiratory infection. She was on antibiotics, and we thought she was doing well. After she was done with the antibiotics, she went down hill FAST!! She had her 1st vet appointment on Saturday.. and by that time, had not eaten since Thursday. She weighed a little over 5lbs on that visit. Dr Voss prescribed more antibiotics and said if she didn't eat by Monday, she would recommend coming in... Sasha may need hospitalization.. So we babied Sasha.. tried to force her to eat.. nothing.. So Monday night, Hannah and I took her into the vet again. We were lucky, we got to see Dr Voss again.. They weighed Sasha.. she was down to 4.5lbs.. and VERY dehydrated. I was told she was a "VERY sick little kitty". They said that they would need to keep her, and give her and IV and some strong antibiotics. They made no guarantees..
So Hannah and I left Sasha, not knowing if we would see her again.. I was a mess.. major tears..
But the Vet was great. I called Monday night.. she was on her IV and they had a humidifier pointed into her cage.. They would have someone there all night with her.
The next morning.. after a long night.. Dr Voss called to say that when she came in Sasha was eating like crazy!! She looked great.. She said she had some sores in her mouth and was giving her pain meds as well.. but if things went as they were, she could come home that night. She would call before she left for the day.. She called later to tell me Sasha hadn't stopped eating all day!! She was good to go anytime after 5!!
So Tuesday, Hannah and I went to pick her up!! TOTALLY different cat!! OMG!! She ate a can of cat food that night!! she was frisky.. and looked wonderful!! Wednesday she ate 4 1/2 cans of cat food.. and she was making up for lost time!!
So we have been spoiling the little sweetie since!! Sorry I hadn't posted..
Sorry no pics either.. Pat has the camera at work again!!

Which brings me to my newest book.. Barefoot.. so far, it's about 3 women who go to Nantucket for the summer.. all with different problems.. seems like an easy read.. will let you know..

So I haven't done much stamping lately.. but looked at some for my Christmas cards.. made a couple proto types.. will have to start soon if I want to be done before Thanksgiving...

more later

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Book... Chipmunk...

Well, I finished the book.. I can't believe all the drugs that she did, and that she lived through it!! I am talking a lot of drugs!! She was pretty open about it. It is amazing that she kept out of the headlines for everything she did.. Then you look at people like Danny Bonaduce.. I am sure that by what Maureen said, she did at least as much cocaine as he did!! I guess she just lucked out that the National Enquire wasn't hounding her!!
Any way.. the book was OK.. it was sort of well.. Bradyish!! If that makes any sense..
Well we have this rotten little Chipmunk at our house!! AND I mean rotten!! Today he was skirting around on the deck, jumping on the screen door.. eating my plants.. and stealing a towel... He torturers the squirrels... and is VERY noisy!!
You would think that by looking at how cute he is.. he would be a nice chipmunk... BUT NOOOOO!!!
Sasha seemed to like watching him be naughty!! It sort of startled her when he jumped on the screen!!
She is still feeling yucky!! Hoping that she will feel better later tonight or tomorrow.. otherwise.. back to the vet tomorrow..

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sick Kitty

Sasha had a respiratory infection when we got her, and we had gotten some antibiotics.. well.. she still has the respiratory infection and she is really stuffed up.. and now her eye is icky too..
More antibiotics... poor little thing...

Friday, October 17, 2008

Fun video

Since Hannah is off from school again today for MEA... she asked me to find the Sticky Note Experiment on the web for her to watch.. so I did... She loves the video.. This is from the same guys who did the Diet Coke and Mentos thing.. It also shows how to make those little pinwheels and the waterfalls..
Tonight she is going to Scream Town with her friends from school.. Will let you know what she thinks tomorrow..

Thursday, October 16, 2008

New book... Dream Car... other thoughts...

Well I got a new book last night while Hannah was at clarinet lessons.. That is the bad thing about her having lessons at Schmitt Music.. it is right next to a Barnes and Noble.. Any way, I have loved reading the autobiographies lately, and thought that this one sounded good. I started it while waiting for Hannah.. Not a long reading time, 30 minutes, but enough time to know, I am going to like this one as well...

And, as I was reading Jeannie's blog, she talked about her dream car.. so it made me think a little.. and came up with this.. It is a Volvo S60 R.. OK, I like this car because it is Edward's car in the Twilight books.. Somehow it just made me want the car too!! And I guess I do like the looks of it!!
Other thoughts... I have decided that I am a bad blogger!! I mean, I love to read other people's blogs.. I have a huge list of blogs that I will check in on.. check out who is on their blog rolls.. read blogs for hours... And some of the blogs I check daily.. Well, I was checking a blog this morning.. and thought to my self.. hey they haven't posted in awhile.. gee.. that sucks... Then I thought about my own little blog.. And that I am not always good at posting either!! I love it when I check out a blog and there is something new there!! I love it when I look and there is a great card displayed!! But like I said.. me.. well.. I am just not a great blogger I guess.. AND to top it off.. I did make a card last night.. for Boss's Day.. But guess who took the camera to work with him because he is working on a power point... So even if I wanted to take a picture and post it.. I couldn't...
AND... one of my friends Karen, is leaving for a Disney Cruise this morning... Talk about jealous!! We went on one 4 years ago!! BEST BEST BEST vacation EVER!! They are doing the 3 day one.. I told them it wouldn't be enough.. I a SO jealous... did I say that before??
So I am going to try to post a little more often.. Not that I even know who all reads this.. I know a few people do.. but maybe you all don't care...
Kitty and Puppy update: Sasha is doing great.. she is sleeping with Hannah at night.. she still seems to have her upper respiratory infection thing going on.. she will go to the vet this weekend, as she is done with the meds... Hannah picked the Sasha name part out.. I pick out the Blu part when Dawn told me we needed a middle name..
Gretel is doing well with her.. you can tell she still jealous... she has become a bit more affectionate.. which is good.. She likes Sasha's food, so that is one thing we have to watch out for. She has become a bit more playful too!! (I KNOW)

Saturday, October 11, 2008


I would like you all to meet our new addition to the Johnson family... Sasha Blu...

We had been thinking of getting someone new for a while now.. and have been looking here and there. Well.. today.. we went to the Humane Society and picked her up!! She is 1 year old, and weighs about 6 pounds.. She is a bit shy right now.. and Grets is really jealous!! But we are adjusting!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008


As I said in my last post.. a new book.. When Hannah and her friends went to the water park, I read my latest book. The Secret Life of CeeCee Wilkes. It was really a good book. Pulled you in.. It is about a kidnapping and murder. About a missing baby... easy read.. quick and good, just like I like it!!

Busy Weekend

Well.. Friday started off that I needed to make a birthday card for Noah.. one of Hannah's friends.. so I came up with this card quickly.. It actually turned out cuter than the pictures shows.. It still hard for me to come up with "boy" cards..

Then Hannah had a sleepover planned with Kyla and Megan. I had some free tickets to the Waterpark of America.. so after picking up the girls we headed over to be there at 4.
I think that they had a good time.. We were there for 5 hours!! I did not swim, instead I read my book.. (more about that later).
This was the girls at their 1st and only break.. I think that they were snacking on some popcorn...

I would have gotten more picture of them, however, finding them was slightly difficult.. and then getting pictures of them.. well, let's just say that I deleted A LOT of blurry pictures!! This is the 3 of them in the Lazy River! Although I don't think that it is all that lazy.. it moves rather quickly!!

They were debating on doing the body surfing.. they had NO idea that I was even still taking pictures of them... Look at Hannah pleading with Kyla to do it!! NOPE.. they didn't!! I am not sure why not.. something about the number of people watching!!! Yep.. they are teenage girls!!

After we dropped the girls off on Saturday, we went to the apple orchard. We always go to Applewood!! I love it there. The trees are smaller, and it is easier to pick them. This year, they had hail damage to the trees and apples, so the apples weren't as "perfect" as usual.. and they were small.. But as you can see, that didn't stop us from picking and eating them!

Even Pat was into trying to find the best of the best! We tried some new varieties of apples this year! The sonata variety was pretty good!! We also got Liberty and Empire! NO golden apples.. for me, they are too mushy!! I like the crisp tart type!!

You can't take the kids out anywhere!!!

My little turkey family is growing up!! I think that this is the same one that I have been seeing all summer!! The baby is getting big!! and they are getting bolder!! I always think that it is funny to see them hanging around!!

And that brings us to Sunday!! I feel like crap!! another cold.. so I did make some chicken soup.. I hope that helps.. and Hannah is off to dance class again tonight.. On the bright side, there is a new Army Wives on tonight!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I'm thinking of you Dawn....

This is for Dawn.. Who happens to be a total self proclaimed Star Trek Geek!! Enough said...