Saturday, August 2, 2008

Breaking Dawn

OK, I am a geek! I was the first one to get to buy the book last night at 12:01 at the Borders Books in Richfield. I knew enough to go when the store opened to get a wrist band.. and gee.. there was no one waiting when I got there.. OK the store didn't open until 10am and I was there at 9:30. The store staff thought I was a nut! I admit it.

We went to the "Launch Party" last night too. I guess I was hoping for another Harry Potter thing. NOPE!! Pretty lame.. They did a trivia contest and gave out stickers, and a debate on who was better for Bella - Edward or Jacob ( I was team Edward, just for the record), and they gave out buttons. They also had a costume contest.. But there were only a few who dressed up. They did show the trailers for the upcoming movie.. But really, it was just a long wait. I could have saved myself some boring moments if I just showed up at 11:45 to line up. Oh well.. got the book!

So I started reading some of it last night! AND, finished today! I did take Hannah to the pool, along with my book. I thought she would have more fun there, than stuck home with me just because I was reading. I took a couple breaks.. But am finished!

IT WAS GREAT!!! Just so you all know!

OK, well, off to start re-reading it.. have to see what I missed!! (I did that with Harry too, just so you know...) I really need to get a life... At least I can now do some stamping...



Karen ~ said...

OMG, I did laugh loud and long at you showing up a half-hour before Borders opened to get your wrist band ...!!! You are too funny and I am so glad it didn't disappoint you!

Jeannie said...

Hi Shawn! Of course I want you to keep commenting on my blog - you silly girl! Luv ya, but I'm a little worried about this obsession you have with these books (wink, wink!) Jeannie