Thursday, July 3, 2008

Vacation... Day 3

Ok, as some of you know, I am on vacation this week.. We didn't go anywhere, there is a ton of things to do here in the Twin Cities. So why is today the first post about vacation?? Well, that would be because I don't always bring my camera with me.. And for those of you who know me, that isn't a surprise!

Well on Wednesday we went to the Minneapolis Institute of Art. This is Hannah's FAVORITE thing there! She calls it the "big yellow sun". It is in one of the lobby's there.

Now, I would have taken more pictures, because, as you can see, I remembered the camera! But I didn't know what the rules were on pictures there. So I just looked at all the wonderful things! I have to say, my favorite was the impressionist! I LOVE Monet!

I had no idea what was even in the MIA! I have never been there! Hannah had because of school! What a wonderful place. We spent about 3 hours there, and didn't see 1/2 of it! This is for sure somewhere we will be back to!

And these two little girls are who we are taking care of this week. Some friends are also on vacation, and they asked Hannah to baby sit the kitties.. Well, how can you say no!! The one on the left (Hannah is holding) is Bandit. She is pretty shy! We started watching them on Saturday, and Wednesday was the first day she would let us hold her! As you can see, Hannah is taking full advantage of that!. The one on the left is Lily (or I think that is her name). She is a little sweetie! You look at her and she purrs! She will come a rub on your leg until you pick her up! It has been fun getting to play with them! I am sure I will hear about Hannah wanting a kitty for weeks after this! (They are cute, and Pat went with us last night, and as you can see on the right picture, he was playing with them too!)

Today we will be off to the Weisman Museum! I haven't been there either.. I hope to remember the camera.. will see.


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Dawn said...

I see kittens in your future!!

I would call it the big yellow sun, too. I wonder what it's real name is???