Friday, July 25, 2008

Dawn and 9/23

Now.. what do September 23 and Dawn have in common?? Well, September 23 happens to be the day that the new John Sandford book, Heat Lightning, comes out! So why would I post about a book that my best friend reads? Well, that means that I will probably have to make a run down to the awesome book store, "Once Upon A Crime" to pick up a recently autographed copy of the book for her. BUT.. here is the deal.. upon checking the website for Once Upon A Crime, I see no listing for John Sandford to autograph this book.. NO, launch party.. no anything related to this book actually! SO, will Dawn just go buy this book?? WELL... My best guess is that upon reading this blog entry, Dawn will first go check and see I what I am saying is actually true.. and then she will email Gary and Pat (the most wonderful husband and wife team who happen to own the book store) to find out what the deal is.. She will then email or call me with what is happening.. Not that I know Dawn well enough to predict this happening.. but I can also tell you that she is sitting reading this and laughing her butt off, and shaking her head YES.. in fact she might even be saying "YES" out loud.. The one thing I am not sure of.. will she comment on this entry BEFORE or AFTER checking the web site and emailing them??

Now, I have never read the John Sandford books before, and I would maybe think about reading them, but I am sure that I would have to actually get them from the library, as this is one book set that Dawn does NOT loan out. But the other thing, Dawn said they can be a bit gruesome too.. Me, I like the fluff stuff a lot of times.. easy peasy reading.. But I am thinking of at least trying to read one of his.. I mean Dawn EATS this stuff up!! I know that she is geedy with excitement right now after reading this...!



Dawn said...

Already checked the site awhile ago. Don't know if you get emails from them or not, but they are trying to get him to sign. I also check his site about weekly to double check between the 2....Maybe I should email Gary and Pat..........Hmmm.
Yes, won't lend my books out. Sorry! I think my father in law has most in paperback??? Might have to febreeze them???

Dawn said...

ok, I emailed them. Will see what they say.

Karen ~ said...

You two are like an old married couple, predicting one another's actions!

Too funny!