Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July

Bloomington holds it's SummerFete on the 3rd.. so they do the fireworks then. Personally, I really like this. If you have to work on the 5th you still get to see fireworks, and you aren't tired! Last night was a "BLAST". We met up with Karen and her boys, the Hillmans, who are back from Arusha, Tanzania, and friends of the Hillmans.. (Sorry can't remember the name right now). When we get to the Band Shell area about 8pm, it is like walking into the State Fair... (I know Karen, you would NEVER say that.. but for me.. a ton of people, all the food... etc... remember, I don't do the fair that much). They had a band playing, the crowd dancing. A great time was being had! AND the fireworks!! Well, they were superb! Bloomington's City Council out did themselves! WAY TO GO!!!

NOW, if I still feel like I need to see more fireworks, I can go tonight to find some more. Will have to see.. it was pretty late night last night, after midnight when all was said and done.

And by the way... not my picture.. guess who didn't bring her camera!!!

And yesterday, we also went to the Weisman Museum.. This is on the University of Minnesota campus. The building has intrigued me since it was built. I mean, look at it. And since we were on "vacation", well.. no better time. It is REALLY small.. one small level of art! We were shocked. That building is full of offices! And it only took us about 45 minutes to look through. OK, it was disappointing! Loved the Minneapolis Institute of Art much better! But now I can say that I have been there! And I did bring my camera, but didn't take any pictures!

Off for some other fun day today! I am not sure what we will do to celebrate the nations birthday, but I am sure that we will find something fun!

Happy 4th of July... and as Dawn pointed out... the year is 1/2 over.. only 173 days until Christmas!!


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