Thursday, July 3, 2008


OK, I finished the book! It was wonderful! It was fantastic! I couldn't believe the ending!!!! I read the last page, looked at Pat and said, "WHAT?? THAT IS IT??" NOW, I HAVE to read the next one! I LOVE JK and the Harry Potter series! But this one, well, this is really really good! Thanks to Michelle and Kristin for recommending these to me!
Now I am having an issue with the movie coming out.. Robert Pattinson playing Edward! I just don't see it.. That isn't who I pictured as I was reading the book. Will have to see.. But now I know I will have to see this movie in December (December 12 for those who need to know that)!
I do have 3 other books to read, however, I am thinking that I need to go and get the next book and forget those others for now.. hmmm

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Dawn said...

Out of order?? Not a good thing. I think you need to read them in order, even if a movie is coming out....:)