Thursday, May 1, 2008

A little of this... A little of that...

Well I thought I would show you and update of my orchid.. It is coming along very nicely.. It is getting more blooms every day.. And it is so pretty.. I love to look at it and think about how nice it is.. EVEN if the weather is crappy here..

I keep waiting for my magnolia to bloom. I drive around and see others in full bloom, but mine is just barely starting. There are a lot of buds..
And today.. I went out to take the pictures of my non blooming magnolia.. and sure enough.. a bud that is starting to open.. It is really starting to bloom!!! Spring may finally be here!!!
And well, Gret Gret... what can I say.. she is just so cute sometimes!!


Dawn said...

Gret is definitely adorable and your plant is really taking off!! Rain, Rain, is that what you are dealing with??

Dawn said...

by the way, i checked our magnolia at the old house and it is in full bloom!!

shawn said...

Thanks for rubbing that in!