Sunday, April 27, 2008

Retirement card

One of the staff (Lucy) at Kid Safari (before and after school care) is retiring on Friday. Hannah and I got her a gift, so I had to make her a card to go with it.. So here is the card. I found I really like the ribbon weaving. I used the Brown and Pomegranate that was in the mini catalog. It is a bit wider than the other ribbons and I loved it!
Sorry the pictures aren't the greatest.. I am still working on how to work the new camera, and when a good time it is to take pictures of the cards.. I will continue to work at it...


Karen ~ said...

Gorgeous!! I want to TOUCH those ribbons - they look so silky :-)

Michelle said...

Love that you used the silky ribbon on this card - sooo rich! Love the colors.

Keep practicing & you will be acing the camera in no time!