Monday, May 26, 2008

Hannah's concert

Hannah had her 5th grade band concert the other day.. (ok, it was last week, I am just getting to putting it on the blog). They all did great.. I was surprised! I mean given that they only have band 1 time a week.. well, I thought that they would, well, stink! But I was wrong! It was really a good concert!
So this is a picture of Hannah before the start.. She was goofing off.. as usual!

I am not sure why they were standing at first, but then they have each group play a song. It was pretty impressive for the clarinets! They had to memorize the selection that they played. At the VERY end... This was after "Let's Go Band!" Mr Ballew made them hold up their instruments for about 2 minutes.. It was rather funny!

and this is Mr Ballew.. He wears a tux to the performances! And he is really funny! Hannah loved him! He was just a blast to have for a teacher!

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