Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Front Yard Visitors

I have this little (ok big FAT) problem in my yard this year.. It's cute and fluffy, but this little fat monster is eating my plants!! I know that it is the same bunny (it has some tuffs of fur hanging on it's neck) I see almost every day.. munching away!! Enjoying my plants!! I will be lucky if I get hosta to come up at all!!

And then there are the deer.. Last night when I came home from watching my friend's son's soccer game, we had deer hanging out. There were about 4-5 total. Pat was able to get some pictures of them. Cars were stopping, letting them wander across the street, and they just stood there.. Not a care in the world.. I believe that these darling "Bambi's" are also eating my plants. But they prefer my flowers over the hosta..
Gretel thinks they are there to play with her. She has run after them a time or two!! I think she thinks they are greyhounds or that she is a deer.. And actually, they do sort of look alike.. Anyone have any ideas how to get rid of these wonderful creatures??? Or at least make it so they don't eat my plants up??


1 comment:

Dawn said...

beautiful pictures...i say let them eat everything, but are you really surprised to hear that from me??