Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

OK, I admit it!! I am spoiled!! My darling husband and wonderful daughter gave me the most wonderful Mother's Day gifts EVER!!!

1st, they made this wonderful scrap book! This is MORE THAN I HAVE EVER DONE with scrap booking! Hannah did the writing! I have the picture of the 1st page, and the last page! Needless to say.. I cried my eyes out!! It was very touching! The last page says..."but most of all, you showed me that I want to be like you!" and it is a picture of us when we were in San Diego dressed alike!

And then there is the Uglydolls! I have wanted these forever! Not sure why I want them, but, well, they are really cute! So they got me the small ones.. VERY CUTE.. The orange one on the left is Minimum Wage.. and the pink on on the right is OX.
I also got these wonderful flowers this morning! Aren't they pretty??
Then a gift card to Archivers! I mean WOW!! Can't wait to use this!! I know some of the things that I will HAVE to have!!!

THEN... in case I wasn't spoiled enough... I got Valerie Berinelli's book! I have wanted to read this since it came out! I can't wait to start this one. I am sure that I know at least one person in Iowa who will want this when I am done!!

NOW.. these 2 little gems are from Hannah! She made them in class on Friday.. OK, I knew about these since I went in and helped all 24 of the kids make these for the Mom's! I didn't look at Hannah's until this morning when I unwrapped them! The treat-a-lope had Hershey Kisses in it! They put the gift card in it.. and the note pad holder turned out great!
Overall.. it was a fantastic wonderful terrific fabulous day!!


Dawn said...

ok, i saw the pages and about cried myself........happy mom's day, you had a good one!!

Karen ~ said...

I want to read Valerie's book when you are done with it :-)