Friday, May 30, 2008

Hannah's rehearsal

OK, so the picture stinks.. but you try to take a good picture while they are dancing!! Hannah is the one in the blue in the middle.. I think that is tap.. not sure.. I know what kind of Mom am I? Well, just so you all know, I wasn't all that thrilled with the dance class this year, and I DO NOT like the costume! Most of the girls don't like it either. It doesn't really go with ANYTHING... no sparkle of any kind. Sort of sad for them. They did work hard. New teacher that I wasn't all that impressed with. We are trying to decide if we will return there or not. She is at another studio too, and loves it there. So will have to keep you posted. I am hoping that the recital goes well tonight.. Keep those fingers crossed!



Michelle said...

Good luck tonight Hannah!

The costumes aren't that bad!

Dawn said...

maybe she just needs to go to the other place....i picked her out of the crowd right away..........course I am a bit prejudiced...