Friday, May 30, 2008

CARDS... (I know don't faint)

OK, so after Hannah's dress rehearsal last night, I thought I should start making some cards for the teacher gifts.. (since school is out next week..) I came up with these! They were fast and easy.. (easy peasy lemon squeezy)... Loved how they turned out! I really like the velum on the cards. And you stamp on one side, and color the other side! Really nice effect!

I made 2 of each in pretty in pink, mellow moss, and barely banana.. Then I thought.. gee, wouldn't 3x3's look cute as a set with this?? So, I did 2 of each color in 3x3's. I used the textured paper to make the 3x3's. OOHH... I like that... I still want to put some Velcro on the cards to hold down the flap.. but over all I was really happy with the results! And I used some paper that I keep getting, but never seem to want to part with.. (anyone else have that problem?)


Michelle said...

Super cards, very soft & pretty. The teachers will love them.

Dawn said...

very adorable, i like them a lot

Karen ~ said...

I feel the need to come stamp with you again .... after school is over, though!!!