Saturday, May 10, 2008

Saturday May 10

OK, this morning at 10am Pat and I went to Let's Dish! This is a place where they have all the ingredients out, with instructions to make the dishes. You make them, take them home, put them in the freezer and heat later. Hannah usually comes with me, but she was at a sleep over/birthday party, so Pat stepped in to help.

Then... This is really important!!! I had to go to Once Upon a Crime. Dawn had a book signed and needed to have it picked up. Being that I was here, well.. you know.. I got the job. I was going to be nasty and pretend that I was going to keep the book and read it before sending it.. but when I went to pick up the book... Pat and Gary had other plans for me..

The book was packaged (see the picture of the book above).. ready to ship out! Dawn hadn't even paid for the book yet! They were going to ship it to her!! OK, granted, Dawn went NUTS when she was here a few weeks ago, meeting Gary at the book store. And this is the 3rd book that she has gotten from them, signed. AND, she keeps in contact with them via e-mail etc.. But still.. THIS is one store that if you have a chance to go and buy something from.. DO! TALK about a WOW experience they create! And they remember you! I mean I called the first time I went to get her a book, and they knew who I was right away! They remembered that I was picking up a book for Dawn! They are really nice people!

So after getting the book, which was in Uptown.. I headed over to Fun Sisters. This is a little boutique that is only open 1 weekend a month. They sell knock off purses, some great deals on shoes.. they have jewelry.. tons of cool stuff.. IT was really packed, but I got this cute little purse for summer. I guess my Mother's Day gift to myself... (hee hee).
Other than that.. it's been sort of quiet here.. ok, it's only 1:45.. but still...

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