Monday, January 19, 2009


OK, so yesterday I went for coffee with my friend Karen... (or as Dawn calls her, poodle Karen)... and I mentioned something about dreams.. so wouldn't you know it.. I had a very strange dream last night...
NOW, mind you I am 42 years old... and have NEVER had to ride the bus to school.. but last night.. I was dreaming that I, along with everyone else in the neighborhood, including Hannah (And Roth and Kaliyan)... missed the bus.. It was warm out, because my window was open, and I remember yelling for them to hold the bus for me.. But the bus didn't pick anyone up!! The kids all said that it was going to come back..
NOW, I wasn't a kid... I was an adult.. and knew I could drive.. but still..??? WHAT THE???!!!
THEN.. when I did get to school, for some reason I didn't have a pen!! A PEN!! And for some reason I HAD to have a pen!! And no one would lend me a pen!!

WHAT does THAT mean????


Karen ~ said...

**sniff** Poodle Karen indeed. (actually that's kind of cute!)

HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Welcome to my world of bizarre dreams :-)

Jeannie said...

It must be the cold affecting the brains of you Minnesotans or something!! Stay warm!!