Thursday, January 22, 2009

Last Nights Adventure

For what ever reason... Hannah won tickets to see a preview of the movie Inkheart... I don't know why really she won them.. something about a story she had to write before Winter break... blah blah blah... But that is beside the point.. she won 4 tickets to the preview.. Which was last night.
We were able to change her clarinet lesson to 1/2 hour earlier so we could go, we were lucky that Jeff's student before her had to cancel for whatever reason, which by the way, I think happens a lot...
ANYWAY.. we got to Southdale Theaters about 6:40 for the 7pm showing. They seat 400 people for a preview in 1 theater. AND it was full.. We showed up just as Hannah's best friend Kyla showed up with her parents. Which was nice.. Hannah and Kyla sat with Pat.. I sat with Kari and Greg. I also got to see a TON of other people there too.. LIKE Karen (yup, Poodle Karen.. see earlier blog about my friends...) Who I did try to corrupt her, her ex, and the boys and have them line jump, but nope.. they wouldn't do it..
Hannah and Kyla were both given t-shirts... and I got one too.. they are YOUTH sizes.. so actually Hannah got 2! I tried giving mine to the young lady sitting beside me, but she didn't want it because it would have been too small for her...
OKAY.. sorry, back to the movie.. Pat and I liked it.. Greg and Kari liked it.. Hannah and Kyla liked it.. Poodle Karen liked it.. as did Steve.. Ben (Karen's oldest) said it wasn't like the book... which I haven't read.. but have been meaning to for awhile now, said he liked it..
I really hope that it does well when it opens. It was a good movie. Pat did comment that he could see tons of possibilities for sequels.. or a weekly TV show based on the book..
Hope you all have a good day...

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