Sunday, January 25, 2009


OK, have you heard of these?? Little Mismatched socks!! Hannah has been wanting these for a while and we found some today.. (In fact.. she got these as one of the "sets").. I didn't know that they were that hard to find.. ANYWAY the deal is you get 3 different socks.. they are NEVER matched.. Which will make doing the laundry interesting that is for sure. We actually got 2 sets of 3 and a big 'ole large thing of 9.. so that was pretty exciting if I say so myself..

Yesterday (Saturday) I had a quarterly meeting with my upline's upline's upline.. or something like that.. It was in River Falls this time.. usually it is just in St Paul, but there were issues.. so off to RF.. Which is 45 miles away.. not terrible.. but whatever.. We did 6 projects.. and as usual, after these meetings I feel pretty good about SU.. So now I am at a stand still.. and to top it off.. I really like the Big Shot.. I will post pictures from the meeting later.. AND regionals are here in Minneapolis this year.. soooo.... you get the picture.

Not a lot of other news.. Hannah did get moved up to the more advanced Ballet class last week.. so here is this 6th grader in with 9-10 graders for Ballet.. I was surprised by it! I mean, I really didn't KNOW that she was THAT good.. I mean I think that she is good.. but I am MOM.. so this was pretty cool!! She doesn't have school tomorrow.. so she is off to a friends house for the day!

I found what I have been missing too.. I volunteered at the middle school Friday morning... Not even in Hannah's class.. It felt great!! and then I went back to her old elementary school to surprise her teacher from the last 2 years.. and stayed and helped there too.. AND.. I felt great!! I missed volunteering.. WHO KNEW... (K- this is much easier than the baby route!!)

That is about all.. will post more soon.. promise!!! and maybe even start some stamping... who knows???



Karen ~ said...

Fun socks!!!

Jeannie said...

Never heard of the socks - but luv 'em!!