Saturday, September 13, 2008

What's Happening In My Life.... (OH wait.. I think I have heard that somewhere before)

My Mom's Birthday was September 11th.. so I did do well and make a card for her. This is what I made. I totally cased it from Kevin's blog. I thought it was great! Loved the colors and all.. She said that she liked it when I called to wish her a Happy Birthday!!

These are 2 of the projects I did at my open house last night! I had a request for the sock monkey... I liked using the new colors for him. It was pretty fun to make. And then the other one is a gift card holder. I used the bulk rub-on with it! Thought that since Christmas is around the corner, well, they might have a use for this.
The other project I did was votive holders. I got them at IKEA and we did rub-on's on those too! I didn't get a picture of the finished product.. hm..
Not a great turn out for the open house, but I did get a couple orders and a couple bookings! So not a total loss!
This morning Hannah had auditions for the Moscow Ballet's Nutcracker. This was her 4th year! She has been a snowflake 2 times and last year she was a party guest and a Russian variation.
This is her with the 70 other girls and boys waiting to go in for the audition.

Anastasia has been in the ballet with Hannah for the last 3 years as well. They love seeing each other each year. It amazes me the friendships that form within this 3 month period.

After having the parents wait in the hallway for 1 1/2 hours, the announcements were made as to what parts each child get.
DRUM ROLL PLEASE.. Hannah was giving the part of Butterfly! She will be dancing on pointe this year! This is HUGE!! She just started pointe in January! The other 3 girls have been on pointe much longer! As you can see, she is the littlest butterfly! But not sure if you can tell the SMILE she has!! This is the part she really wanted!
Can't say how proud we are of her!!
And can't wait to see her in the ballet this year! She will be in 3 performances at the Orpheum Theater in December!

This is Hannah's cupcake that she made when we were in Iowa to visit a couple weeks ago. We just received it in the mail today! It turned out WAY cute.. Better than the one at the shop!!

Well, that is what I have been up to lately! Sorry that I haven't posted a lot lately! I will try to do better!
Hannah wants to stamp, and last I heard Karen wants to come over too.. So I will have some new stuff to post soon!


Michelle said...

Great projects Shawn! Glad your Open House wasn't a total bust!

Congrats to Hannah!! so very exciting I am sure...yeah!

Dawn said...

love the card you made for your mom-the colors were great.

Karen ~ said...

thanks for letting me come play last night ... though I still want to come back and play with Sock Monkey!

Jeannie said...

Luv the cards Shawn - especially the one you made for you mom! I'm glad your open house went well, wish I could have been there for it!