Sunday, September 28, 2008

Quarterly meeting

Saturday I had my quarterly meeting. Lisa Z who holds the meetings is wonderful! She allows who ever to demo, talk, etc.
These 2 cute little bird houses were made by one of the gals.. She does these all the time. This was a first for bird houses.. they are on little stationary boxes. VERY cute..

And last year, she did this wonderful house for Halloween. I hope that she brings her "gingerbread" house next meeting so I can get pictures of that too! She makes the patterns up herself.. TONS of work into these!!

Lisa was showing off some of her ideas for the Decor Elements. She had tons of ideas.. I really liked this one.
I haven't done anything with them yet, but after the meeting, I am really ready to order some and play!

I will post the Christmas tree that we made and the card, and we used the felt snowflakes too!

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Karen ~ said...

Way fun! Can't wait to see things up close and personal!