Monday, September 29, 2008

Quarterly Meeting stuff.. and cards...

So, Like I posted earlier.. I had my quarterly meeting on Saturday.. and we made fun stuff.. This is the Christmas tree we made using the Big Shot and the pennant die.. VERY cute... and really easy.. OOPS.. I just realized that my picture doesn't have the little "rug" under it.. we made a "rug" for the tree to stand on as well.. you will just have to imagine it..

And I wondered what the heck would I do with the Felt Flurries.. well.. here we took 3 of them and added a brad to the middle. We actually added the silver cord on it as well.. but as you can see, mine is gone.. didn't like the cord on it.. but thought I could add this to a card.. very cute idea..

And then this is the card we made.. We used the new scallop edge punch.. I am glad that we used it. I was scared of getting it.. but after using it.. well.. I now HAVE to get it. I love the idea of the scallop on the edge with the color coming up.

Then I get a call from my friend Dawn.. "I am putting in my order for some cards!".. I need a birthday card for a guy... and 2 thank you cards... Yeah.. right, get right on that...
Well this first card is a rip off from Mish's site.. I thought it was cute.. so well.. it's my version.. but still a "CASE"..

While we at the meeting, one of the other demonstrators showed us the brayer but not on glossy paper like we were all "taught". This is on plain card stock!! The colors are great!! and not nearly as messy!!! I had this ribbon, and thought that the colors actually matched
the dots!! so.. well.. I liked it.. hope that Dawn does too!! (And.. too bad if she doesn't... hee hee)

As I have said before, I do have a hard time making masculine cards. I guess it is because I have Hannah.. I mean I don't have to make many.. But I found some old patterned paper and like the colors, thought that it looked manly... and well.. this is what I came up with. Actually I sort of liked it.. Not too flashy.. but nice..
That's all I got right now.. Have a great night!!

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