Saturday, March 29, 2008

PICTURES, as promised

Well, as stated before, I have some pictures to share...

Well this is what is left of the Easter Snow Bunny.
OK pretty sad, but since I didn't take a picture before
this is all that is left in our yard now..

It was cute when it was a bunny... REALLY

This is Hannah's newest member of her Build A Bear Family..
This is Nadia.. She made her on Friday morning..

And this is Nadia with the rest of the Build A Bears.
I always get a kick out of it when we are there stuffing
animals, and the staff asks if we have ever done this before..
Let me think???... hum.....

And this is what I made for Easter for the girls at work. These were really cute little box/baskets and I filled them with some kisses and other Easter candy...

Here is Hannah playing Guitar Hero.. Look at that concentration she has! YOU GO GIRL...

This would be Pat.. he does play Guitar Hero too, but he also likes to go into "his room" to play one of his electric guitars.. (And he hates to have his picture taken!)

And the last picture I have to share today is of Gretel the Greyhound... Here she is just relaxing and hanging out in her kennel. She is super sweet and super spoiled.. (OK that is our fault)

Thank for checking out the pictures!


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Karen ~ said...

Way to go, Digi-Girl! Great photos. Expecially love the coy pose Gretel is giving us :-)