Monday, March 17, 2008

$34,000 a day for 4 years!

What's it worth to be married to a former Beatle?? I guess according to the British courts, $34,000 a day.. That is what Heather Mills got in the settlement. Most of his $1.6 BILLION was made before he met or married her, so I am glad that she didn't get more. I guess the media was thinking that she might be able to access more.
But, as we all know, she didn't marry him for his money. (yeah right).

and no, her being on Dancing With The Stars did nothing to change my mind about her.. I still think she is a gold digger!


Karen said...

Hmmm ... well, I saw Heather Mills speak a few years ago about her work with land mine victims, and I read her book, and I have to say I admire her tremendously. I can't speak as to what anyone in this world can do to deserve $34,000 for each day of a 4-year marriage, but when I look at what she has devoted her life to doing, I just can't write her off as merely a gold-digger, even though I am clearly in the international minority of Heather-fans. But then I have never been a die-hard Beatle fan, which, to so many in this world, is blasphemy to say out loud.

Dawn said...

Blasphemer!!! Not a true believer in the Beatles!! Haha. Anyway, I am in the majority and think she was in it for the money otherwise she would've went along with the kids and made sure the prenup was done. We all know Paul will never be broke and Beatrice is secure so that is important. I just hope that is older kids will be able to stay in her life always and be involved in her life. In all likelihood, Paul will die when she is still young (more blasphemy!!) and I think no one would argue that his other kids were raised with good values, etc. Hopefully Heather will let them be involved in their sister's life.

Ok. I thought she was pretty brave to do the Dancing with the Stars thing, but she was still in it for the money in my book and I think she is desperate for positive attention otherwise she just would have blown it off and said she didn't care. She got a ton of money either way..