Monday, March 17, 2008


I asked Hannah what she was going to name her Sea-Monkeys... just as a joke, and with out missing a beat.. she said "BOB!".. Really.. what if they are girls??
So, just so you know, I have a bowl full of Bob's and Bobalina's swimming around. They are getting bigger, maybe 3-5mm now. You can see the spines.. and they look like they swim upside down.
On another note, I have been making some cards, and taking pictures, now if I just learn how to put those on the computer... I mean I learned how to do a blog, you would think that I could just put pictures on the computer.
A job for "Super Pat" if I ever saw one... (I just don't get how to get those darn pictures from the camera to the computer!)
So keep watching, I will try to have some fun pics soon!


Dawn said...

I just love the sentence about Bobs and Bobalinas!!

Dawn said...

We leave the camera cord plugged into the computer so I just plug the camera in and it does the rest..

Karen ~ said...

I do what Dawn does. And BTW, it's SO nice to have someone other than me leaving comments!!! YAY DAWN!

And everything Ben ever has to name at our house is always named BOB. It works for us.

Dawn said...

I am just thinking that if we have another cat, male or female, I just don't see the "Bob" thing working. It would be original, though, especially for a girl..