Monday, April 14, 2008

Clarinet practice... a flower update... and a picture of Gretel

Well this is Hannah practicing her clarinet.. over, and over and over... OK, I am glad that she likes it. I am glad that she is keeping up with the lessons, and really, she is pretty good.. OK, that is the mother in me talking..

Thought I would put an updated picture of my orchid.. More blooms.. It really is beautiful when it blooms.. I just love it!! The flowers will last for a good 2 months!

And this wouldn't be complete without a new picture of Gretel!! She is just so cute these days!! I just had to post another one!!


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Karen ~ said...

Are orchids hard to grow? I have been thinking I need to get some green plants and living things at my house, and your orchid is so beautiful. But I forget to water things.