Friday, April 4, 2008

New Camera

Well we got our anniversary gift for each other early this year.. since our anniversary isn't until May, it was really really early. We needed a new camera, our old one died a few months ago, Pat got one off EBAY, but to be honest, it sucked. You could only take about 6 pictures before the batteries would die.. Thank god we had rechargeable one. So tonight we went out and got a brand spanking new one.. It's a Nikon COOLPIX.. has all these really neat features that I am sure I will never understand how to use. Pat assures me that I will be able to download pictures easily with this camera.. we will see.. There are a lot more megapixels on this one, so my pictures should be better.. let's hope! Stay tuned for new pictures!


Karen ~ said...

I'm jealous!

A new camera is on my want list. So is a winning lottery ticket.

Michelle said...

Yeah for you! We got a Nikon Coolpix as our very first camera 7 years ago, it took over 10,000 pics, it was great - now it sucks!!!!

BTW - we woke up to TONNES of snow this AM - argh - growling very loudly!!!

Have a great weekend Shawn!