Saturday, April 26, 2008

APRIL 26!!! AND It's all Dawn's fault!

OK! This is all Dawn's fault!! She is up from Iowa again this weekend for Hillcrest's carnival, and gee.. look what she brought with her! I woke up this morning and this is what I found!! IT'S April 26!! NOT February.. NOT January... BUT... APRIL!!! I hate Minnesota weather!
But all was not lost... It was the carnival at Hannah's school, so I have some pictures to show that we did have some fun!

This one is of Hannah and Dawn goofing around as we were waiting for the carnival to begin. They helped me with the silent auction baskets which were in the Media Center.
And this one is of Hannah playing some sort of game.. Not sure what it was.. but doesn't she look serious?? I mean really.. AND, she didn't win.. Oh well..
And Pat helped some too.. but here he is just taking a break.. Looking like he is in charge!!
Overall, fun day!! Glad it is over.. My last one!! (thank god!)


Michelle said...

LOL...hee, hee...sorry Shawn I couldn't resist to comment...we have had lotsa of snow in the last week!!!

Enjoy, we are finally having nice weather this weekend.

Jody said...

Couldn't happen to nicer people (Mineesotans, I mean). BTW, I mowed my lawn today -- so quit complaining!

Dawn said...

I think it is a good picture of Pat! I also figured out how to get the picture of Hannah to my computer and printed it.....oooh it is blurry!!