Thursday, June 12, 2008

What's happening in My life... (oh yeah.. that sounds familar)

OK, so Sunday night was the season premiere of Army Wives (Lifetime 9c). It is the 2nd season. I LOVE this show. When we went to Chicago last summer, we got into the show, and well, I am hooked! It is about 4 women and 1 man who are married to people in the Army, and how it effects them. It is heartwarming, funny, sad and everything in between!
So this was a very emotional show! There had been a bombing in the "Hump Bar", which is the hang out, at the end of last season. This took you through the aftermath. Some twists, but you could see where it was going. Still great show.. My Sunday night MUST!!

Then I finished this book! I think that I had started to read it before, but am still not sure! I know that I never finished it if I had started it. It was OK, sort of a bad ending.
But now I am "bookless". And to top it off, Hannah's clarinet lessons are not at Schmitt for the next 5 weeks! Which means that I am not right next to Barnes and Noble every week!

And I have been stamping a little too! This was a thank you for a customer who had placed an order with me for Stampin' Up. Quick and cute little 3x3! (She loved it by the way)

And this was a card, just to make a card.. Not sure who this will go to, if anyone at this time. But thought I would show you it anyway!!
Hannah and I also got our hair cut last night! I think it had been over 3 months for me, so it was WAY over due.. And Hannah's had been 2 months.. so she was a bit on the shaggy side too!
Well, as I said, just thought you would want to know what is happening...

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