Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hannah's Graduation!

Hannah had her 5th grade "graduation" today. Loads of tears later, and about 1/4 box of Kleenex... she was done...

All smiles.. this was the start of the ceremony...

Hannah and Kelly A lead the song "The Eagle Song", complete with sign language.
This is when they received their crane and "diploma". Each child gets their crane from their home base teacher. This is Hannah getting her crane and hug from Tracy.

This is Lynne, Hannah's advisor to her HAWKS job. (Team Media). Lynne is retiring after 30 years in the Bloomington School District. Hannah was sad.. to say the least. Loads of tears from her. Lynne will be missed, that is for sure!

We can't forget the gang! Hannah's best friend since Kindergarten is Kyla.. The two of them together!! Then we have Shannon, Hannah, Kyla, Ciana, and Kelly...

And last but not least... Tracy.. By far this teacher did more for Hannah than I can express. Hannah really came into her own in the last 2 years with Tracy. She pushed Hannah a lot, but I couldn't have asked for a better fit!

Tomorrow they have their last day! Fun at Grand Slam! Watch for the fun pictures tomorrow!


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