Sunday, June 14, 2009

Summer... What am I going to do with Hannah???

Well.. I am sure that there are others out there who will have the same problem.. What do you do with a pre-teen kid..??.. well.. Hannah wants to stay at home. I am ok with that.. our neighbors are kind enough to let her swim in their pool.. she has a bike and can ride it to the city pool.. she has a ton of friends.. but the mom in me,... well a bit on the OMG side of things.. My little baby is growing up! There are enough stay at home moms around that she will be fine.. there are enough new friends around that she can hang with.. so I am ok.. (I am not sure who I am trying to convince here)...
Then there is dance.. YUP.. dance.. 9 hours a week of classes.. she is taking everything this summer including Hip Hop.. Had to go and get new pointe shoes today so that she will have them broke in by fall.. I am sure that she will have some sore toes this month... of course mom has to sew the ribbons on.. One would think with the cost of pointe shoes, ribbons would be sewn on already!!!
She is excited because this means that she gets to retire her 1st pair.. which means that she will have them hanging in her room...
Hey maybe she will actually clean the house for me.?.!

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Mama Ava said...

Our church (Peace Lutheran) runs Peace House for kids in the summer. Monday-Thursday 12-5. Kids hang out, play games, chat, play pool etc. They often have field trips, etc. Cameron went a lot last year and really had fun. You don't have to be a member of the church or even a Christian or anything to go. Hannah would end up knowing someone there, I bet.